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It was over in less than an hour; one of the wagons made it as far as the rim, but none of the others even got close, at least not that she saw.Below, the wail of horns went up.Takar was in retreat, and Umbriel moved on, undeterred.They continued to march the civilians out of harm’s way that night and the following day, with no sign of the wormies, not even raiding parties anymore.A lot of the civilians have been slipping off back to Cheydinhal, and we’re letting them go.We can’t feed them forever anyway.Take care of these people — use your own judgment.If you order me to do this, I will, but my place is fighting, not nursemaiding.My mother went down in battle — what would she think of me if I didn’t?There are others here who can get these sheep to pasture.
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Brennus cleared his throat and spoke up.She turned — she hadn’t known he was anywhere near.
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Prossos shook his head.If what he says is true, you have to stay here with him.Viewed from atop the walls, the vast waters of Lake Rumare were perfectly turquoise, the Heartlands beyond verdant with field and forest.Only at the farthest edge of sight was the vista blemished, and then because he knew that what appeared to be a distant storm cloud wasn’t.General Takar made a preliminary strike — he took a legion.