Energy Saving Construction Waste Crusher

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Construction waste crusher is a new generation of crushing equipment with good crushing effect, energy saving, environmental protection and fine configuration. Construction waste crusher can be found in many areas of mineral crushing and processing, construction waste crusher can process gravel, pebbles, quartz stone, basalt, diabase, shale and so on our common ore, at present, construction waste crusher in the field of application highlights the advantages, which is the audience more and more.

1. the finished product granularity is more excellent
The crushing industry investment, product size is more excellent, users get more economic benefits of high buildings, processing equipment is more natural for users concerned about the garbage, the processing of finished grain shape, particle size gradation is more reasonable and more orderly, flakiness content less, small iron pollution. All kinds of aggregate processed by the construction waste disposal equipment are more solid, more cohesive, and have physical and chemical property problems, and can be applied to the building aggregate, which can greatly increase the strength and durability of the aggregate.

2. a large amount of material pass
Construction waste crusher using deep cavity rotor, the entire crushing cavity optimized treatment, can pass a material by more than 40%, greatly enhance the daily output. Feeding device for building garbage crusher improved, feeding more smooth, rarely blocked, discharging more stringent, the qualified product is discharged, no crushing phenomenon, a feeding device and a feeding device optimization but also enhance the overall processing capacity, in addition to building garbage crusher structure simple, low failure rate, less downtime, the yield can be improved.

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