What Factors Affect Yield Of Powder Grinding Machine?

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Along with economic development of China and increase of industrialization level, deep processing of ores develops further and ore powder industry rises rapidly. The main equipment for ore grinding is powder grinding machine. Yield of powder grinding machine is mainly affected by granularity of finished product, hardness, humidity, composition and viscosity of materials. Only by better understanding the influencing factors can we maintain high yield of powder grinding equipment. Next, experts of Zenith Machinery will explain each influencing factors of yield of powder grinding machine.
1. Granularity of finished products
The higher the material fineness of grinding mill is, the smaller the grinding capacity of grinder mill is. According to different grinding fineness, we should choose proper grinding mill so as to achieve the optimal production. Ultrafine grinding mill of Zenith Machinery can reach higher fineness. Finest Fineness of finished products of medium-speed micro powder mill can reach 3250 mesh.
2. Hardness of materials
Harder materials are surely harder to grind for powder grinding machine. The harder the materials is, the more copper ore beneficiation plant serious the abrasion of equipment is. Grinding mills with small grinding capacity is not suitable for grinding hard materials, such as Raymond mill. We suggest that do not use Raymond mill to grind hard materials, thus reducing unnecessary losses caused by overload operation of Raymond mill.
3. Humidity of materials
If the materials to be ground contain large moisture, they are easily adhered to inner wall silver mining process equipment of grinding mill and clogged in the conveying process. Under the condition of equal wind force, qualified materials are hard to be separated, thus reducing grinding capacity of grinder mill.
4. Viscosity of materials
Materials with high viscosity are easier to adhere to grinding machine. The higher the viscosity is, the smaller the yield of grinding mill is. Meanwhile, high viscosity easily affects service life of grinding machine.
5. Composition of gold mining equipment for sale south africa materials
If the materials to be ground contain too much powder, it will inevitably affect grinding effect of mills. Because these fine powder easily adheres and affect materials conveying. For materials with high fine powder content, we suggest that customers should firstly use vibrating screen to screen the materials before powder grinding.
After having understood the factors influencing yield of powder grinding machine, we believe that you will more understand correct use of powder grinding machine. As long as you pay more attention to production, maintaining high yield of grinding mill is no longer a problem. Zenith Machinery is a professional manufacturer of powder grinding machines, we have diversified grinding mills, including Raymond mill, vertical mil, high pressure roller mil and medium-speed micro powder mill, which fit for various requirements of hardness. Welcome to visit our company, we will recommend the most suitable grinding equipment for you according to your requirements.