Failure And Improve Repair Of Impact Crusher

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Impact crusher is the most widely used crusher except jaw crusher. Deeply welcomed by customers for its excellent performance and simple operation. Now we discussion the failure analysis and repair of impact crusher.There is a failure impact crusher, after collapse of the seriously damage crusher we found:1. The bolt of the incoming lining board bolt are all cut off, the liner fall off, the flat head wedge bolt fault.2.The rotor is casting, the surface is very rough and the contact surface of each other is for contacts or line contact. The flat head bolts contact the wedge is also have rough surface, have bad contact.3. The flat head bolts contacted rotor is for M12, but the hole of rotor is for Ball Mill Working Principle 23 or 25.4. The flat head bolts for positioning have manganese ore crushing screening rough surface, and the gap is too large, can’t positioning.The improve repair measures of impact crusher:After in view of the above analysis, the key copper ore beneficiation plant to repair the impact crusher is prosition, so we can take the following measures:1. Milling the rotor surfaces of the impact crusher, improve the surface quality, in order to ensure the good contacts.2. Processing the convex and concave set in the surface of the rotor in order to have the function of positioning, avoid shift under the action of centrifugal force3. The contacting bolts we should choose the type of M20, in order to guarantee the conjunction.