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Fagor gives a complete catalogue of Industrial Refrigeration appliances with a wide selection of sizes and features including: upright refrigerators and freezers gastronorm cabinets general purpose cabinets preparation counters undercounter storage units and bottle coolers. When it comes to refrigeration a single way to optimise space in college kitchens is to look at much more versatile equipment that can adapt to changes in menu, speed up service and ensure meals is kept fresh. Williams Refrigeration joins forces with sister organization Mono Equipment to show off its products at the forthcoming Farm Shop & Deli Show, on stand J89.

The measured capacity of refrigeration is always dimensioned in units of energy Domestic and industrial refrigerators may possibly be rated in kJ/s, or Btu/h of cooling. For industrial and industrial refrigeration systems, most of the planet makes use of the kilowatt (kW) as the basic unit of refrigeration. Usually, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems in North America are rated in tons of refrigeration (TR). The easy unit allowed owners of these early refrigeration systems to measure a day’s output of ice against power consumption, and to examine their plant to one down the street. Our experience in these fields has enabled us to service and preserve several varied consumers.

In our contracting role, we are capable to offer a full design, supply and installation service for industrial refrigeration gear in new constructions and refurbishments ranging from modest cafes and food outlets through to key hotels and clubs. Whether or not you need commercial refrigeration repairs, industrial refrigeration maintenance, or commercial refrigeration sales, we can offer you with a leading finish solution for your Brisbane hospitality business. W & D Refrigetaion are the professionals in the supply, upkeep and repair of commercial ice machines. Provide, installation and ongoing maintenance of commercial kitchen refrigerated cabinets and chillers.

Williams Refrigeration Australia is a proud Australian manufacturer of high high quality Commercial refrigeration equipment. With access to global design and improvement sources by way of the bigger Williams Global group organizations, our mission is to employ this international technologies in our Australian items, backed up by exceptional consumer service. Williams Australia also supplies a wide range refrigeration companies brisbane of national and international corporate clientele with goal constructed refrigerated storage solutions tailored to their specific processing needs. Our commitment to ongoing solution improvement, excellent buyer service and item overall performance, top quality and reliability is second to none.commercial refrigeration repairs brisbane