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Sand production line equipment, high efficiency sand making machine is one of them, but the high efficiency sand making machine is a tool for the production line of sand production. Because in the sand production line, mainly on the crusher, sand making machine, stone washing machine the main equipment and other a lot of auxiliary equipment, the main equipment will the sand production line production is serious!

In the stone crushing sand, quartz stone count is difficult to broken a, because quartz belongs to the high hardness of stone, the surface hardness as high as Mohs hardness of 7.5. This has led to a number of small manufacturers can not produce quartz sand production line, as a result of many years of sand production manufacturers, but it is very easy to solve the matter. Today, it is mainly recommended for the production of quartz sand on the sand making machine: high efficiency sand making machine.

High sand making machine, also called impact type sand making machine, with high abrasive materials with excellent effect, such as: quartz stone, gravel etc.. High efficiency sand making machine can be used to break and make sand, the sand production rate is more than 2 times of the impact type sand making machine. Material in the process of crushing, the material in the rotor has the best ability to pour, will not cause blockage. Selective crushing characteristics, so that the cost of wear parts loss of 25%. And, even in the case of serious wear and tear, it will not affect the gradation, fully meet the national standard of sand stone.

High efficiency sand making machine is a circular lining board structure design, its production principle is the impact of the crushing. Each particle in the rotor of the rotor centrifugal type sand making machine of the rotor in the use of centrifugal force, and then aligned to the broken plate, the system can eliminate the system characteristics of the material is broken when the random effect, resulting in a very high degree of cube end product.

We should know that the main principle of the high efficiency sand making machine is the centrifugal impact crusher, it is the use of this crusher method and efficient sand making machine work efficiency will be higher! Because the market is now more and more sand production machines, in the face of a variety of sand making machine users should be difficult to choose in the time of purchase, and now we recommend high efficiency sand machine, we hope to help you!