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Beijing, shijiazhuang, at 12 , 15 (reporter NiuLin) depending on the up-to-date issue belonging to the outlying group diet poisoning injury once food, shijiazhuang place well-being institution in order to produce outlying well-being & several other food fun-based activities; Treatment method & across; Cures and even restrain interact, that manufacturing in outlying group diet poisoning injury. Journalists as a result of 15 shijiazhuang outlying well-being surgery get the job done food fun-based activities on-site gathering, depending on the which will ideal that outlying food items well-being routine, to protect yourself from that group poisoning injury & several other; Treatment method & across; Specific considering the fact that 2007, was demonstrating to gains. Shijiazhuang place well-being oversight institution home infoshop Wang Guosheng proclaimed which will simply because farmers’ being traditional advanced, designed for wedding ceremony, housewarming, own and even self-governance in gets a slightly higher the school, 做满月 banquet more widespread,

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