How Can Correctly and Effectively Improve Efficiency of Ball Mill

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Energy-saving ball mills continuously creates amazing miracles on the road of energy saving and emission reduction. With the increasingly severe industrial pollution in China, China mining machinery industry is in urgent need of reform in the past high-consumption and low-production equipment, Ball mill is the main equipment in mining machinery sector, its major function is to grinding the materials which is already crushed. Compared with other ore beneficiation equipment, ball mill is one of the equipment which has the the largest power consumption.

1. Spray water into the grinding chamber of ball mill : when grinding the cement, lots of energy will be generated, this will badly influence the cement quality, the grinding efficiency and the output capacity. Water will be atomized and sprayed into the grinding chamber by the high pressure air, which will bring the heat out and low down the inside temperature.

Whether it is needed to spray water is depending on the ball mill inside temperature. Generally speaking, when it is lower than 1000℃, there is no need to spray water. The amount of water required to spray depends on the clinker temperature which takes 1-2% of the cement. Water shall be completely evaporated.

Both spraying water from the head of ball mill equipment or the end of ball mill is OK. When the temperature of the feeding material is high, it is better to spray water from the head of ball mill. As a general rule, water is sprayed from the end of ball mill. Spraying water into the ball mill can improve the output capacity by about 5%-10%.Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example,rotary separator, china impact crusher Welcome all of you to visit our official website.

2. Strengthen the ventilation of inner grinding machine china . There is a certain wind speed inside the ball mill, which can timely bring out the micro powder generated in the grinding process. That will reduce the buffer action of micro powder and improve the grinding efficiency of ball mill. When the ventilation condition is good, water vapor inside the ball mill can be exhausted timely and the grate hole of the separating storehouse board will not be blocked. Adhesion phenomenon of grinding media will decrease and the inner temperature ofgrinding mill for sale will be lowered, which is good for the operation of ball mill and the product of it will also be improved.