How much is the sand making machine?

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Sand making machine is a more commonly used industrial machine-made sand equipment, which is mainly used for fine crushing and sand making after ore material crushing. This paper mainly introduces the sand making machine, an industrial mechanism sand selection equipment, in detail, so as to help more enterprise users and friends who invest in the equipment in advance to better buy the equipment.

2. scope of application of sand making machine

Sand making machine is a necessary production equipment for machine-made sand. In the structural design, the unique feeding and crushing structure is mainly adopted, and the crushing cavity types are diverse, realizing the free conversion of “stone beating stone” and “stone beating iron”, so that the finished product has excellent particle shape and reasonable gradation, which is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone forming. In addition, the sand making machine can also be used to finely grind various soft and hard ore materials, such as limestone, pebble, pebble, quartz, basalt, granite, calcite, iron ore, refractory, concrete aggregate, etc.

2. Working principle of sand making machine

Working mechanism materials of the sand making machine enter the sand making machine from the feed hopper. The distributor divides the material into two parts. One part enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the distributor, accelerates rapidly in the impeller, and then impacts the material lining in the vortex branch chamber together. The material lining rebounds, obliquely strikes the top of the vortex chamber, changes its movement direction and deflects downward. The materials ejected by the impeller form a continuous material curtain in turn. The materials undergo two or more times of crushing, impact, friction and grinding in the crushing chamber.

3. sand making machine price

the price of a sand making machine is about 50000 ~ 800000. As a professional large-scale direct selling factory producing crushing equipment, we can not only provide users with high-quality sand making machine equipment, but also provide users with a series of perfect equipment after-sales services. The price of sand making machine equipment is mostly the ex factory price, which can reduce the production cost of users.

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