How to choose the suitable ultrafine mill?

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Ultrafine mill is the main equipment in the field of mineral processing. After crushing the mineral, it is necessary to use ultrafine mill for grinding, and the existence of ultrafine grinding mill greatly improves the beneficiation effect. With the widening of the application field of ultrafine mill and the improvement of the grinding requirements of users, ultrafine mill has derived many types. In order to achieve the desired grinding effect, it is necessary to buy more suitable ultra-fine grinding equipment.

Two. How to choose the suitable ultrafine mill?

1. according to the local environment, grinding material properties; choose to use dry or wet ultra-fine grinding ultrafine mill according to these two points, the shortage of water resources in mineral processing, mineral processing and mineral water to avoid water viscosity is too large, are suitable for dry ultrafine mill and other conditions, the use of wet ultrafine mill wet ultrafine mill is better, better effect, more energy saving.

2. according to the technical requirements and working conditions; according to production capacity and technological conditions of the mineral processing production line configuration of ultrafine mill, so users need to be selected according to the configuration of long long mill, mill process requirements and the existing conditions, or short mill, according to the power supply, energy consumption requires the selection of such ultra-fine grinding or ordinary ultrafine mill.

3. according to the production requirements; in order to meet user demand for grinding ultrafine mill, many manufacturers will produce a variety of models, according to the yield, discharging and feeding, energy consumption and other requirements to choose the fine grinding type, if you need more production, you can choose to use continuous grinding, automatic feeding vibration feeder therefore, the use of continuous grinding, can achieve 24 hours without grinding.

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