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Raymond mill working principle, a winnowing of the whole construction process is greatly affected, the material powder, the fan will be wind blown superfine grinding machine, blowing powder, after put in above the Raymond mill chamber analysis machine sorting, the fineness of the powder material will fall into the grinding chamber re grinding, consistent with the standards of fineness is with the wind to enter the cyclone collector, collected by superfine grinding machine a powder discharge port to powder packing machine in is refined powder.

The winnowing process of our new vertical roller mill  is in the state of negative pressure flow, airflow is by the large cyclone collector is arranged at the upper end of the return pipe back into the fan, wind road is cycle. This cycle of the wind path of air only part will through the wind machine and the host machine of the superfine grinding machine in the middle of the exhaust pipe exhaust, enter into the small whirlwind collector, purification treatment.

Now, in China, the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, so like us, integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading, transportation, packaging in one of the superfine grinding machine by the users more welcome, the intensity of competition in the market is also very strong.

Superfine grinding machine in the winnowing process, air volume adjustment is the key, superfine grinding machine of air volume adjustment in fan inlet pipe of air control valve, normally open to the maximum position, according to fineness, production requirements appropriate adjustments, in fan outlet dust exhaust pipe regulating valve, transferred to the feed outlet, no dust can be emitted, and small volume, fineness is high. But the volume is too small, host the bottom of the air duct is easily material. Should be adjusted according to the material of superfine grinding machine grinding.

The superfine grinding machine in the winnowing process R & D and production is very elegant, so is the most perfect and superfine grinding machine winnowing process, both environmental protection and improve production efficiency, is your best choice, welcome to visit our company.