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In the course of the Middle Ages, earrings became less preferred and useful because of using refined hairstyles and headdresses. Imagine it or not for a interval it was thought-about immoral for respectable wedded women not to have their heads obscured in public. Some have taken different paths and manage galleries such as the Electrum Gallery in South Molton Avenue, London.

Slide the 6mm spherical bead via the top pin so as to make the physique of the angel appeal. Subsequent, slide the angel wings bead, followed by a 4mm spherical bead to make the head. Then goes the 4mm Bali type flat flower bead which makes the halo. Using a spherical nostril plier, secure the head pin right above the halo. Encircle the pin across the pliers to make a loop. Repeat this course of three extra occasions to make sure the beads keep tightly together. Trim the excess pin length with the needle nostril pliers. Your charming angel charm is ready!