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Sand making machine is an important equipment of sand production line, the equipment, good or bad, work efficiency directly affect the sand yield and quality, sand making machine in the use process in the long-term wind and rain, sand making machine equipment surface will appear rust, wear, etc., but not handled in a timely manner will influence system sand machine production efficiency, even cause serious wear of equipment and shorten its service life, the following is our in the long-term production practice of summing up the effective method to remove the sand making machine corrosion on the surface, can be for reference:

1, apply anti oxidation paint: in iron products surface coated with mineral oil, paint or enamel firing, spray etc.. In the iron and steel surface with electroplating, hot plating and other methods on a layer of metal, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc.. These metals can form a layer of dense oxide film, so as to prevent iron products and water, air and other physical contact and rust. It can also be used to produce a compact and stable oxide film on the surface of the iron products to prevent the iron from rust.

2, chemical derusting: chemical reaction with acid and metal oxide, so as to get rid of sand making machine, metal surface corrosion products, which is often referred to as the pickling, this method is only suitable for operation in the workshop.

3, high-pressure water abrasive cleaning by high pressure water jet impact and water lever effect and corrosion coating of steel adhesion failure. This method, no dust pollution, no damage to steel, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of good rust, rust. But after rust removal of steel easy return to rust, to be wet with a special coating rust coating, performance coatings in general have a greater impact on coating.

4, small wind-driven or electric rust: electric or compressed air as a driving force, assembly suitable derusting device, reciprocating or rotary motion, in order to adapt to the various occasions of rust. Such as pneumatic angle needle beam rust remover, pneumatic knock rust hammers, tooth type rotary rust remover, grinder, wire brush, belonging to the mechanical equipment, light weight, flexibility, can thoroughly remove rust, old coating, the coating play hair treatment, but could not reach high quality surface processing quality and efficiency than injection for treatment of low

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