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e hookah pensFantasia e hookah pens can get expensive like many premium products out there. However, there are a very limited amount of places where you can get Fantasia e hookah pens for a discount price. They retail for $15 and most stores will stand by their prices.

This link that I have provided you offers Fantasia e hookah pens for $5 per pen, which is about 70% off the retail price, and also includes free shipping. Firstly, there aren’t many places still that offer free shipping, and with such a hueg discount. You are free e hookah pen sample practically purchasing these vape pens for wholesale price except you don’t have to meet any minimum order quantities. This bulk lot is definitely worth buying as Fantasia e hookah pens have a huge demand today.

Who doesn’t want a “high end” product if there’s an option for it? Fantasia e hookah offers 10 unique flavors that is not being produced anywhere else. Well, as mentioned, theyr’e a premium e hookah pen. It’s basically a high end e hookah pen. Fantasia’s Magic Dragon is a Berry Mint Mix while Adios is Citrus Curacao Fruit. That means no other e hookah brand will have these flavors. Some of these flavors include Magic Dragon and Adios. The Adios pen is based off of a cocktail drink which I thought was a really cool idea. Why would you want Fantasia e hookah pens? That means you get more puffs, larger vapor clouds, premium design and packaging. Magic Dragon’s flavor is definitely very unique and I love it.

Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of e hookah pens. So, where do you buy e hookah pens? In 2014, they were ranked #1 Vape Store in Vape Sinc Community. Clearly you can’t just go on Amazon and buy it from them. So is there any other website that we can trust to buy from? com is one of the best places to buy e hookah pens and they carry a variety of flavors and brands including Fantasia e hookah.

If you wanted to retail these items yourself and buy from HazyShop wholesale, you can do that as well! 50 a pen, and you can get up to 80% off retail price for some products. Well, let’s see all the benefits you get when buying from HazyShop. You can get e hookah pens for as low as $4. They also offer free shipping and do not charge tax. There aren’t many websites out there who still offers that. For one, you save a whole lot of money.