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First off, what type of braids are you asking about? If its just simply braiding your own hair without the addition of any sort of extensions,, than the answer is most definitely. But be weary of braids which are too tight,cheap moncler jackets, as you can end up developing traction alopecia (essentially your hair falls out).
As for braids with the addition of extensions,moncler jackets, you can do this too, but its never a good idea to have your hair chemically relaxed too close to the time you are getting your extensions,moncler online, as relaxed hair is much more fragile than it would be in its natural state, and will break off easily.
As for swimming…I wouldn’t do it because in my experience it lead to orange hair that eventually broke off. You can avoid this by buying special products to put in your hair before swimming (I used to use a special kind of conditioner made by Joico) but your best bet is either to skip swimming (or at least make a conscious effort to not get your hair wet) or wear a bathing cap so you don’t miss out on the fun.
Personally, I’d wear the bathing cap. My experience with breakage after swimming in chlorinated water lead to me going natural. Relaxed hair is very difficult to maintain unless your dedicated to it, which means doing protein treatments,moncler, deep conditioning, wrapping it at night,cheap moncler jackets, avoiding hair dye and heat, and always making sure its well moisturized and that split ends are routinely trimmed. If you want to maintain length, then using henna to strengthen and thicken out your hair isn’t a bad idea either.
Good luck!