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This is my first thread,, please bare with me.

Ok,moncler sale, I am running Vista Ultimate x86 on two PC’s. D-link WBR-2310 router on one computer and Netgear WG311T PCI wireless adapter on the other.
Both computers are running Norton 360 and the firewalls are configured exactly the same.

On the pc with the adapter I can see and access files from the pc attached to the router,moncler women. On the pc connected to the router I can see the pc with adapter but when I try to open it I get the message “Windows cannot access //xxxxxxx error code: 0x80070035 the network path not found”,moncler online.

It’s funny I can go one way but not the other,moncler.

I have tried to search for a fix in forums,moncler jackets, some said reconfigure the firewall, some said change a service setting. I have tried many things to no avail so if someone can figure this out could they let me know. Also I accessed my network settings for my router and set the ip address for the pc with the netgear on my DHCP reserve list and it also shows up in my dynamic DHCP Client List. Still didn’t help.

This is important to me because the pc with the netgear contains all my files (pictures, music, downloads, etc.) and the pc with the router has nothing on it.

Thanks to anyone who can help.