Introduction of the advantages of construction waste crusher

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A class of construction waste crushing machine used for high-end sand sand or stone production equipment in the construction of high standard construction, more and more stringent requirements for the use of sand urging, traditional architectural construction waste crusher machine both in production technology, or in production efficiency are greatly promoted, so that the high standard of construction the reform and development to promote the construction of garbage crusher sand. Based on this, the following will be a simple introduction to the knowledge of building stone building garbage crusher.

A brief introduction to construction waste crusher

The mechanism of sand production line, the development of high-end building construction waste crusher mainly from the modern architecture of sand hardness is very high, if there is no efficient building garbage crusher production operation, so impossible to meet for the needs of sand stringent production building, so strict high standard of sand for building demand to promote the use of construction waste stone crusher to high-end development before construction, because the only way to improve the production efficiency to another level, to meet the market requirements for high efficiency.

Two. The advantages of construction waste crusher

1. in the aspect of sand making efficiency: under the same power, the output efficiency of building stone construction waste crusher is higher than that of the traditional sand making equipment of the same scale by 35% to 50%.

2. in the aspect of sand making effect: the sand and stone materials processed by building stone construction waste crushing mechanism sand are mostly cubic, with reasonable gradation and adjustable fineness modulus, which can meet the demanding production demand of building sand at present.

3. in terms of maintenance and maintenance, besides building observation doors outside the side door, the hydraulic stone opener is also used for building stone crushing crusher, which makes the repair and disassembly of the crushing chamber of construction waste crusher fast and convenient, shortening the downtime and saving time and labor.

4. the green environmental protection: the blast design changed the old version of construction waste crushing machine, using a unique air circulation system, in reducing exhaust volume at the same time, also can reduce construction waste crusher operation dust pollution leakage; in addition, can also take some auxiliary dust removal equipment, such as pulse dust collector so, in order to realize the green sand production operation.

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