Lubricating Oil Choice Of Small Rock Crusher

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Adding lubricating oil to crusher can separate used belt conveyor for sand gravel friction surfaces of direct contact components, reduce the wear and tear of friction for spare parts and extend the service life of mechanical equipment, as well as enhance the efficiency of the mechanical work. metal mining crushing plants Therefore, selection of lubricant is more important for crushing equipment.1. Small rock crusher covers small area of crusher, and the storage amount of lubricating oil is limited. While crusher is working, oil temperature is higher, which requires the lubricating oil to have good stability and oxidation resistance.2. Small rock crusher has poor working condition, which has a lot of dust, coal dust and water, and lubricating oil is polluted by these impurities, so the lubricating oil are required to have good small scale gold processing plant rust and corrosion resistance and demulsification; lubricating oil must be less sensitive to pollution, namely when the lubricating oil is polluted, its function change is not too big.3. Lubricating oil viscosity needs to have little change when temperature changes. Because small rock crusher’s work site is open, to avoid oil viscosity becoming too low in high temperature, which can’t form the lubrication film and will not play the lubrication role.4. For mining machinery equipment, especially mine equipment used in some easy to fire and explosion accidents, it requires the lubricating oil to have good flame resistance, and cannot use the combustible mineral oil.5. Lubricating oil needs to have good performance in sealing device, in order to avoid damaging sealing equipment.There are many different kinds of lubricating oil, such as gas and liquid lubricants, lubricants, semi solid lubricant. The above lubricating oil selection may give you some references, and help you choose the most suitable lubricating oil.