Male Pattern Baldness & Herbal Remedies

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Male Pattern Baldness is a condition shared by millions of men around the world and is the most common cause of male hair loss. Known by its scientific name of Androgenetic Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness or MPB is estimated to affect around 85% of men over the age of 50. A result of genetics and hormonal functions, male pattern baldness is characterised by thinning on the crown and a receding hairline.

alopecia nutritionMale pattern baldness is most commonly attributed to male hormones called Androgens and in particular, Dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. DHT is a by-product of the chemical reaction between the 5-alpha Reductase enzyme and Testosterone in the body. It attaches to the hair follicles, starving these of the nutrients necessary to maintain normal hair growth. The affected follicles begin to produce weaker, thinner hair until eventually they lose the ability to grow hair entirely.

As more and more hair follicles are affected by the DHT, hair loss becomes noticeable along the hairline, which eventually takes on the “M” shape characteristic of DHT hair loss. Gradually, hair on the crown of the head starts to thin, eventually joining with the receding hairline, leaving a ring of hair around the sides of the head. Some hair usually remains and continues to grow on the sides and back of the head, as hair follicles there are more resistant to DHT damage.

The condition is in fact named after these typical hair loss patterns and point directly to the effects of Dihydrotestosterone. Diagnosis of Male Pattern Baldness is a fairly straight forward matter as the pattern of hair loss due to other conditions such as Folliculitis for example is quite distinct and not easily mistaken for Androgenetic Alopecia.

Attacking the condition at its root would be the most effective treatment and this is in fact the route hair regrowth science has taken. Numerous clinical studies into the effects of DHT blockers have returned very encouraging evidence to support the theory and this is a very welcome development for millions of male pattern baldness sufferers around the globe. This evidence is so compelling, the FDA has gone to far as to add one such DHT blocker, Minoxidil, to its list of approved ingredients in hair regrowth treatments.

Nature though has also given us her own DHT blockers. Extracts from berries such as Saw Palmetto have been shown to have significant effects against the production of DHT. These berries contain fatty acids which slow down the activity of the 5-alpha Reductase enzyme and also prevent existing DHT from clogging the roots of hair follicles. Both these effects are welcome allies in the fight against male pattern baldness.

Other plant extracts such as oil extracts from Pumpkin Seeds and Nettle Root also have valuable properties as DHT blockers. Particularly in combination with Saw Palmetto, these natural DHT inhibitors provide effective ingredients in the treatment of Dihydrotestosterone induced hair loss.

To be truly effective a hair regrowth treatment should combine both sides of the hair loss equation, addressing the DHT and also the overall health of the follicles and hair.

Eliminating male pattern baldness starts with an effective DHT blocker such as Minoxidil. Combine this FDA approved ingredient with herbal extracts and you have the means to fight DHT production at its root. Nourish the hair follicles with vital ingredients such as Vitamins, Minerals and Ginseng and hair loss won’t know what hit it.

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