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Since the twelfth five year plan, the construction of urbanization has been proposed, the performance of natural sand gravel aggregate shortage. Because of the prohibition of the environmental protection of the river sand mining, natural sand is faced with the shortage dilemma. In the construction industry to the requirements of the various indicators of sand stone, the mechanism of sand is very eye-catching, Sand Making Machine immediately into people’s vision, the recent ┬ámany places are interested in investment mechanism sand industry investors, have to consult our mechanism sand how much money?

Mechanism sand equipment, as the name suggests is the production mechanism of the machine equipment. We according to the current mechanism sand the most raw materials pebbles, limestone, and other material characteristics, the factory sand machine, sand machine and other high quality sand equipment, equipment quality, directly determines the quality of the finished sand, to remind you in the purchase of equipment must choose a comprehensive strength, advanced technology, service improvement. We, as domestic famous sand equipment manufacturers can be PE jaw crusher plus pf counterattack broken +VSI sand making machine composed of a complete mechanism of sand production line, production of high quality, high-quality aggregate combination.

With the progress of science and technology, the mechanism of sand equipment is constantly updated. Combination type hammer head design, need to replace worn hammer, reducing the use cost more than 30%; adopts Japan imported hydraulic cover opening device, so that the replacement of parts within the body repair, time-saving and labor-saving. So it is widely used in highway pavement, cement concrete mixing, concrete mixing station, construction sand and other projects.

We have the world’s top material processing, fine sand in the field of advanced equipment. If you want to ask how much the mechanism of sand equipment, no doubt, we are the most mechanism sand equipment. Different grain size, different output requires a slight change in price, the price of concrete sand and gravel equipment welcome online consultation.