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Vertical roller mill is a kind of ideal large grinding equipment, widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, non gold domestic mining machinery manufacturing enterprises in the industry. Vertical roller mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying in one, high production efficiency, will be required for the massive, granular and powdery materials are ground into powder material. The research and development of vertical mill and production technology requirements are very high, the relevant research institutions in our country in the 80’s proposed in the cement industry to promote vertical mill recommendations, but also some manufacturers introduced their own vertical mill products. But at the time of R & D level, then the vertical grinding products have the inevitable technical defects, so many cement manufacturers to the final weight and turn ball mill.

In recent years, with the grinding machinery technology research and development and significantly improved, foreign mill production enterprise vertical mill technology has matured, mill’s products technical superiority is also becoming increasingly prominent. In this situation, domestic mill production enterprise absorb the successful experience of foreign countries, the major technical reform, have also re launched its own patented technology related vertical mill products, and gradually for the domestic cement, electric power, chemical industry accepted, become the preferred industry grinding equipment.

Vertical mill by the host, analysis machine, blower, product cyclone separator, pipeline equipment, motor, etc.. The host comprises a frame, inlet volute, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, and a motor casing. The auxiliary equipment are jaw crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric control cabinet, the user can according to the actual situation of flexible selection.

method effectively improve the vertical roller mill production capacity :

(1) when the closed circuit grinding, the proper circulation load should be properly
Production practice indicated that the production rate of ball mill in a certain range increased with the increase of the ratio of sand to sand, and the influence of the ratio of the classification power on the yield of the product was smaller. When the return sand is too small, it can not show the superiority of the closed circuit grinding. Therefore, the appropriate increase of the ratio of return to sand is an advantage. General Mill of returned sand amount to ball mill than smaller, this is due to the small vertical mill unit volume of medium in the wilderness of leisure, inclusive of less material.

(2) the rotation speed of the vertical mill should be controlled properly
When the speed is slightly higher, of course, can achieve higher production rate. However, due to the relative movement, and the grinding medium has a large energy, so it is easy to make the material over the crushing blow up. Such as a concentrator to vertical mill speed by 27 turn / points forward to 29.7 RPM future productivity is added 3.7%, but less than the yield of 19 micron sized by 10.64% added to 14.73%, the corresponding metal occupy rate by 3.18% added to 4.57%.