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Add ContactBlockBest Answer – Chosen by VotersI am a former chef and have cooked alot of fresh cod, here in Canada we use all the fish, cheeks,moncler jackets men,tongues and the flesh, it’s a delicate fish so easy slow cooking is best, it is flakey so it can be broiled,cheap moncler jackets, baked or poached and makes very good fish and chips either batterd or breaded.I like to bake it in foil with a simple seasoning of lemon, salt/pepper and butter, cut in slices it can be broiled with an Asian flavour,moncler jackets men, poached and served with holandaise sauce. In alot of areas it is used for fish and chips, in the UK and here it is a common one,moncler outlet, when I worked in Asia both in Singapore and Japan they like it broiled or BBQ with a sweet sauce,, in Japan the also like roes of the male and females for different things, it quite a delicacy.So depending on how you like to cook your fish, it is up to you, just make sure not to overcook it, 8-10 minutes per every inch of thickness so if you have 2 pieces 1 – 1 1/2 inches thick and weighing between 12-16 oz, I would cook it in any manner for no more than 20-30 minutes and this depends on the way you choose to do it, and no hotter than 350 d F in oven 160 d C or gas mark 3,moncler coat, if you cook it outside the oven just watch to see when it starts to flake, it is done and allow it to rest before serving.6 years ago