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Stephanie semper queen KunstlingerOh she’s comely.promises she loved me each daytime for months.afterwards she blocked me from Facebook but she still namely there i checked from friends cry marine force.never maritime corps.whether u read this she’s still there how many others ambition she 2250 ..sent 800 To her aunt.afterwards 1450 to Richard Giwa in Nigeria to assistance her friend who was robbed and beaten ..told my plenary home and now I’m biggest trick living 🙁 live and study.she made me so cheerful the wealth she would mention even sent me picture with my appoint aboard periodical in uniform along her go station what the ….. seemed so real.but once i said not more buck no more STEPHANIE … go aboard Facebook friend her afterwards advise always others she’s a scammers —Guest geoffhe tried merely i didn’t biteScammer named jweffery lumber Asked as a shriek pushy about wanting a laptop. Said he’s serving in the army in Afghanistan. Wanted me to adjoin an Afghani man he said was an embassy liaison. First I don’t have buck to send to purchase lofty greenback gifts as my kids never idea a stranger. Second. It seemed odd backward searching legion scammers. I base a plenary page almost guys posing as soldiers who actually stole identities of soldiers.—Guest denise gendreaushe was so real… We met on SEMPER KUNSTLINGER was the nominate she adapt.texted absolute English she 1st had me bring money to Deann Christian in idaho.then to Richard Giwa in Nigeria i ought have known then.she swore as presently as she was back from Afghanistan we would be affix that she had vast inheritance only behind 2250 i couldn’t bring any more my car died and am riding bicycle 8 miles to go each daytime.I’m.48 such a trick i was so.pleased the funds she would mention we would txt for hours.each day it worked out to almost 10 a day.beware and respect doesn’t cost buck.she even had other folk texting me saying they were marines barely while i called the digit some strange emphasis Nigeria i suspicions were right…so real.. told my home almost her and forever my friends afterwards came across her aboard and she was stringging this other companion along i contacted him on Facebook and the same exact story she was telling him.merely he hadn’t sent any buck and he thanked me..over and ove—Guest Geoffcindy + 32 othersJohnson Wilson impartial one of several names he uses…No he’s never.realYou impartial.became #33.He’s too in Syria, afaganstan,moncler jackets men, and several other location.A real man wouldn’t do that.Welcome.aboard the got scammed train.—Guest wendyGeorge Williams / Scott SeawardsI think this man namely a scammer. He sent messages to my mama from Facebook. He said he loved her, and asked our dwelling in Jakarta so he could sent an,five million USD to our house.. I’m confused as my mama namely also fool to give our residence I’ve already told her virtually internet respect scam,only she didn’t believe it. This fighter said the package namely already sent to our house. Can you differentiate what ambition occur if”the package” arrive? What ought i do?—Guest DevySgt Henry PattersonScammed and asked for buck By this soldier who alleged his wife had died and he needed buck for his daughter.—Guest Rebekahseidu, M. DavidPosts a pic of a knight in Afghanistan,, Army,appoint plate namely Miller. Starting romancing me in a day I was skeptical,merely kept chatting back to discern where this was going..he said he was widower with son. I could differentiate.someone was up for he supposedly had a friend jot me likewise on fb postman,but `friend’ had the same syntax and poor grammar He said he got his letter and was organism sent to day later he gave me the story of not phone alternatively lap height and could I bring him one I knew immediately that this was a scam so I said sure,cheap moncler jackets,equitable give me an residence.he said it had to go amongst his security detail And gave me an residence of someone names Simmini in Ghana. My son in decree namely a maritime so I knew his story of not getting paid until his mission was complete was billshit. I don’t know who I ought report this to,moncler,barely I’m going to.start with ths FBI. I actually am a widow and it namely disgusting these folk are magnetic advantage of folk who are alone.—Guest blondenotstupidMicheal MacleanI met “Micheal on a dating site – and he stated he was stationed in Syria as the afterward anniversary We messaged each other,moncler sale, exchanged call numbers so we tin text and also email addresses. Well among 2 days he emailed/texted me stating he was falling in adore and wanted me to be with him forever and too his five yr old daughter who was here in Nevada with a nanny. He was divorced and his wife equitable up and left him and the daughter. I told him, i was attracted to him and enjoyed our conversations and we can persist this cruise and encounter while he gets home. I told my friends and they were pleased for me barely told me about these scams. Well afterwards he replies the afterward day that his superior said he can acquire a depart if I submit the request through an email. Well i have never sent buck behind reading almost the scams. He still txt me and i explained no money (he never asked either impartial friends till we encounter Not sure whether he namely a scam alternatively never merely Im organism careful and admonition other—safebeforesorryBradley JamesI WAS ALSO SCAMNED BY BRADLEY JAMES/ JAMES BRADLEY from Sudan. He begged as $600 dollars as transportation home from Sudan. Said he had his walking papers but needed that buck to win home. I told him off and called him out. He had naval pictures barely would never give me any information almost himself other than he lives in LA I finally got him to tell me a prevaricate almost organism a single father and his ten annual old daughter stays with his sister meanwhile he’s away. I’m so mad Go with your gut if it feels bad it namely WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS LOW LIFE WHO CONTINUES TI DO THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN???—Guest Jennifer william thorntonmet aboard zoosk,moncler, us legion fighter was to come meet aboard vacation only got deployed to Egypt. talks almost a tread sibling Jim Farrell stuck in Ireland aboard affair with his daughter and needs assistance sends photos of someone.compartment 862-210-9498. email—Guest LizDave RoblesTHIS MAN IS A SCAMMER HE WILL TAKE YOUR HEART AND YOUR BANK BALANCE AND SMASH THEM INTO TINY PIECES HE IS CLEVER HE WILL DECLARE UNDYING LOVE WRITE YOU POEMS THEN SCREW YOU OVER. DAVE ROBLES CLAIMS TO BE AT CAMP EGGERS. HE IS A LIAR AND CHEAT.—Guest DisgruntledDave RoblesSays he is divorced with 14 year old son. Say he in camp Eggers. Will send you picd of him with his friends.Also a pic of him cooking. Will tell you he is going to retire and acquaint a life with you sends you lovely poems and declares undying adore fod you. Then he asks as a assistance he is using his mates laptop and his mate is organism posted elsewhere He wants you to support him obtain another on and to bring it with a Bible to him but it longing must be posted to a friend. A elderly major called Nathan Tetteth. When you have posted it he ambition ask as you to bring him buck to cover his costs. Dont do it. This is a huge scam and he shouldnt be allowed to bring the Military into disrepute. Keep away from this man DAVE ROBLES—Guest AMBscammer with name Marchen WalletI met a fellow on the internetsite badoo. from the beginning he started telling me how much he loved me. He would come over to the Netherlands to visit me,but I had to pay for him. The buck ought be refunded while the proces finished I felt immediately that it was not right.meantime I confont him the truth that he did never answer my questions and you did never must disburse to visit me, it was suddenly very silence I suspect it was a scammer—Guest mahanmais Ekcan my solider Philip Bryan?Omg…his daughter lost her mama and namely in France by a boarding teach likewise Wtf? I’m still taliing to him only this a m he kept demanding my bank info. So he could bring his buck to the US. I told him to bring to his Uncle in France who is helping with his daughter.—Guest jamieEckan ScottA man who goes onward the designate Eckan Scott base me aboard facebook. He professed his respect to me with poems and how much he loved me in a quite short time He said he was an Irish humanitarian rheumotologist and was stuck in a remote zone and need buck I fell as it afterwards a few days later he asked for more money When I became suspicious he became quite angry. His pictures are with a daughter who he says is in boarding teach and her mama died. He says he is in Glasgow UK merely his emphasis sounds German. The info he sent as me to send buck to says German Daniel in Benin City Nigeria. I lost a lot of buck Don’t bring him buck amuse.—Guest Guest AimeePrevious31-45 of 191NextShare Your StoryAre You a Victim of the Online Romance Scam?Guest Name*Login with Member Nameor Register
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