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Your friend (relative, co-worker or someone else to whom you want to show support) is in the hospital having surgery. You want to visit them while they are recovering and show your friend how much you care but since you (and most of the world’s population) do not consider a hospital visit as enjoyable as a walk in the park, you come up with a game plan to execute the most encouraging visit to your friend as possible.

Even though you dislike the aroma of hospital food or the thought of rhythmically beeping machines leaves you anxious and makes you want to stay home, you don’t! You go anyway because it is important to her and you want to her to know that you are thinking of her and wishing her well.

You already know that you want to radiate an upbeat attitude in hopes of cheering up your friend . You know that you will ask your friend all the questions about her condition, remembering to show your concern without invading her privacy. You know that you want to stay long enough so that your visit seems sincere but not so long that your visit feels imposing to the patient. And you know for sure that you want to take a small gift to your friend,moncler official website, but you don’t quite know what you should take to her. What would a person who is lying in a hospital bed recovering from surgery really appreciate? Below are four simple yet wonderful gift ideas for those times when you find yourself in need get well gift.

1. Basket of Treats and Goodies

A basket of snack foods that do not require refrigeration is a great gift to take to the hospital. Include in the basket some fresh fruit such as bananas and apples or some healthy knick-knacks such as peanut butter crackers and granola bars. It’s okay to include some candy in the basket, but don’t just grab and take in a bag of fun size candy bars. Depending on the post-op diet imposed on the patient, this gift may benefit the patient’s caregiver more than the patient herself. Still, it is a great gift that is always appreciated.

2. Warm, Non-Slip Socks

There are a few things that feel as soothing as a big warm hug and thick,cheap moncler jackets, soft socks are one of those things. It’s amazing how a fresh pair of plush socks can make you feel warm and restful. That is why a pair of socks with non-slip grippers is a great gift for a patient in the hospital. You can get a pair in the patient’s favorite color or even find whimsically decorated ones. Keep in mind that while materials like wool are thick and warm, they are not exactly soft and can even be scratchy and uncomfortable. Stick to socks made of breathable, wearable materials such as cotton. Most importantly, make sure that the socks have little grippers on the bottom of the foot part to ensure the patient is safe from slips and falls when walking around the hospital room to use the restroom, etc. Certainly, under typical circumstances, you would find it strange to buy a pair of socks for your friend. But when she is in the hospital, she will love to receive the gift of socks.

3. Soap, Lotion, and Chap-Stick

Like socks, the thought of gifting your friend with toiletries may seem unusual. But when piled-up in a hospital bed,, your friend will appreciate this gift. With the anxiety that comes pre-op, your friend may have forgotten to bring these items herself or she may not have realized that hospital toiletries typically smell and feel as abrasive as toilet cleaner. This is not a time to buy expensive exfoliating creams, perfumed bath gels, or massage oils. This is the time when simplicity is key. Pick up a bar of Dove or Ivory, a travel-size bottle of baby lotion, and a tube of plain old cherry-flavored Chap-Stick. Extra hint: a bar of soap will be easier for the patient to use than a bottle of shower gel. Any patient would be glad to receive these familiar and soothing items to make her recovery more comfortable.

4. A Book or Two

Books are always a great gift for any occasion including when a friend is in the hospital. Too often, though,, people give lengthy novels and a patient might not be able to devote the concentration required to enjoy a read such as War and Peace. Instead, keep it simple and on the light side by giving them a puzzle book or trivia book or two. Puzzle books,moncler, such as word finds and crossword puzzles, really work at passing time quickly. Trivia books, such as the Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader books, are light-hearted, easy to read in small intervals of time, and usually pretty funny. A great accessory for this gift is a pack of pens or a small clip-on reading light.

Well there you have it: four inexpensive get well gift ideas to take to the hospital that will always be appreciated. Hopefully,moncler women, this list will make your next game plan to visit a friend in the hospital execute smoothly.