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27 FollowersBest front dog carriers or pouchesIf you are in the market for a front dog carrier, it can be confusing as which ones are the best. Front dog carriers allow you to carry your small dog around with your hands free. Many prefer them to backpack carrier because they can keep an eye on their pet out of the corner of their eye. Indeed, testimonials indicate that some animals travel better when then are close to their owners and can look at them. There is no perfect style of carrier, the best choice for you depends on your situation and your dog.

Kyjen Outward Hound Front Carrier, Medium,moncler online, BlackAmazon Price: $17.19
List Price: $35.99Pet-A-Roo Front CarrierThe Pet-A-Roo Front Carrier that it is made for a small animal from 4-10lbs. It allows them to fit inside the wide bag. The carrier is made to allows dogs to sit naturally and poke their head out at the same time much like popular baby carriers. The carrier hangs in front with the majority of the weight resting on person’s hips and shoulders,moncler online. The straps are padded and adjustable for most all sizes,discount moncler jackets.

Cosmos ® Small Size Colorful Strip pattern Pet Legs Out front Carrier/bag + Cosmos Cable TieAmazon Price: $10.99
The Legs Out Front CarrierThe Legs out front carrier is made for small dogs from 2-6 lbs. It is unique in that all four of the dogs legs are meant to stick out of the carrier much like a baby carrier. This style has the advantage of limiting your dogs movement and keeping them close to you. However, many animals do not like the confinement and will only tolerate being carrier in this many for short periods of time. Users who have had success with the carrier like the security the this model provides and its comfort.

Kyjen Outward Hound Sling-Go Pet Sling Carrier, BlackAmazon Price: $53.99
List Price: $34.99Sling CarrierSling dog carriers are large bags of tough material that are worn over the shoulder. The bags rests on your hips to help distribute the weight. The sling carriers allow your dog to sit naturally and poke his head out of a zippered top. The Outward Hound sling carrier is state to hold up to 18 lb animals, though many users indicate that 10-13 lbs in the maximum weight for this carrier. The major draw back to sling carriers is that they put all of the weight on to one shoulder and many owners have indicated difficulty in using it for long periods of time.

Petego-MESSENGER POOCH POUCH small animal pet carrier travel toteAmazon Price: $25.00
List Price: $38.00The Messenger PouchThe messenger pouch is very similar to the sling style carriers. However,moncler, pouch carriers are meant to rest most of the weight on the shoulder and are thus recommended for only small dogs. The pouches tend to be more stylish than the sling carriers. The better carriers in the category like the Petego- messenger pooch pouch include dog clip to hold on to the collar making sure that your animal can’t jump out.

 Last updated on August 21, 2010
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