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 On January 16, 1987, Nina and Manny Velazquez welcomed their first daughter Eden Justine Velazquez into the world. Unlike older brother Alejandro, who was born a little earlier, Eden came into the world quietly and with eyes wide open, as if observing her surroundings. Growing up in Chicago’s southside was not easy, but Nina and Manny made the best of it for their kids. There wasn’t a day where salsa and bachata couldn’t be heard in the background or the smell of Spanish cooking wafting through the halls. They always had family nearby in the area, siblings Eden and Alejandro had plenty of cousins to play with. Sundays were reserved for spending time with the family. The women cooked, the men watched whatever game or boxing match was on, and the kids played outside. Baby sister Ashlynn joined the family a few years later. Eden was a curious child,moncler outlet, always wanting to get into everything and wanting to know how everything worked. She was a smart kid from the start. While big brother Alejandro was the active child and little sister Ashlynn was the outgoing child, Eden was always the one of to the side with her head in a book. Nina and Manny stressed to their kids how important graduating from high school was and the importance of going to college, Eden really took that to heart. Growing up around her, there were young kids either getting into gangs, getting into drugs, and young girls getting pregnant. At young age, Eden always swore that would never be her. Beneath the quiet child lied a fierce determination and ambition to make something out of herself. Her attitude was often was viewed by other girls as thinking she was too good for everything. Eden would get picked on and jumped at school. Eden fought back, despite hating having to use violence as a means to defend herself. Eden had to stick up for herself, it was the only way for the girls to leave her alone. She knew once she got out of Chicago, she would never see these girls ever again. Nina and Manny saw their children suffer, Eden with the bullying, Alejandro was not doing well in school, and Ashlynn was getting into trouble in school. They worked hard to get their kids out of Chicago, they wanted their children to have a better childhood without having to worry about the troubles of a tough neighborhood. Their hard work paid off, at age thirteen Eden and her family pack up and moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia where Manny and Nina had family in the area. Eden is thankful for the upbringing she had in Chicago, it gave her the fierce motivation to make something of her life and a thick skin to handle anything life threw at her.
Nina and Manny noticed the positive changes in their children after the move, Alejandro did better in school, Ashlynn didn’t get into as much trouble,moncler jackets outlet, but Eden was the one who really flourished by the move to Virginia. Eden became more outgoing and bubbly, she made more friends, and started to live her life like a normal teenager living in the city would. Eden continued to do well in school as well, getting into Honors and AP classes, and she never let her new social life get in the way of her school work. Eden always made honor roll every year and even became a member of her cheerleading squad. Eden was involved with a lot of school activities besides cheerleading, including chorus, dance, the school newspaper,moncler sale, National Honor Society, and volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club. Eden was a well rounded high school student. Eden didn’t just get attention for her academic achievements, she began getting attention from the opposite sex. Boys were the only concern for the Velazquez parents. Eden had transform from an adorable little girl that loved to read and play with her dolls into a beautiful teenager that loved to hang out with her friends and go on dates. Eden had her fair share of boyfriends, but none of them ever last longer than a year. Eden was too determined to live up to her promise to herself to make something out of herself, plus she would never put out like some of the other girls would. Eden’s parents trusted her to keep her focus, but didn’t trust the boys she went out with. They had no reason to worry, Eden kept her grades up and continued to be the model student. Her hard work paid off. Eden applied to the college she wanted to attend since the eighth grade, Georgetown, her senior year. Eden had back ups, but her heart was set on Georgetown. To say was she was happy when she got accepted would be the understatement of the year,discount moncler jackets, Eden was ecstatic. Now she could let go because she was living up to her promise to herself. She didn’t slack off, in fact she was third in her class, but she worried less now she was accepted to the college of her dreams. Eden allowed herself to have more fun and go out more without having to worry about the stress of academia. She couldn’t wait to start at Georgetown. She would be close enough to home so she could see her family if she needed to, but still was able to make it out there on her own
Eden felt she lucked out at Georgetown. She majored in her favorite subject, History. Once again, Eden had no trouble making new friends. Her freshman year she met Nathan Spencer. Nathan was handsome, intelligent, and charming. They were paired up together for a presentation and it was an instant attraction. The long nights of staying up together led to flirting and the flirting led to dating once the presentation was over. Eden was smitten, none of the relationships she had in the past ever felt like this. For the first time she was in love. After a year and half together, the young couple felt they were ready to move in together. Everything seemed to going great for Eden and Nathan, there was even talk of getting married after they graduated. They were the perfect couple or so it seemed. In Eden’s Junior year, they began fighting more than ever. Eden argued that he wasn’t serious enough and that she was tired of him changing his mind about getting married. Nathan argued that she was too serious and tried to assure her that he was already committed to her, he didn’t need a ring to prove it to her. The arguments only got worse and Nathan couldn’t put up with it anymore. After three years together, Nathan ended their relationship. Eden was devastated. Once again, Eden dove herself into her schoolwork to cope with the bad break up. The beginning of her senior year she swore she would focus on graduating. That flew out the window when she caught up with old friend, Alexander ‘Lex’ Brody, during a break from school. He was cute, funny, and the opposite of Nathan. Before she knew it she developed an attraction for her friend, the constant flirting and their constant closeness didn’t help either. It seemed everything was going great her senior year; she was getting good grades, and she was about to graduate, except she still had feelings for Nathan and missed him. Senior year went fast and graduation was there before she knew it. Once graduation as over with,cheap moncler jackets, Eden moved back home with her family. As much as Eden loved her family, but being back home with them drove her crazy. Lex felt the same way. Being such good friends, Lex suggested they move in together as roommates. Eden thought it would be a good idea, they moved in together. They found an apartment in Virginia Beach. They moved in together and Eden went on to continue her education at the College of William and Mary while working at a local nightclub waitressing and bartending until she got her teaching degree. Being so close and living together while in love with each other made things difficult until neither could take it anymore. They gave in and admitted their feelings for each other. It was the best decision they ever made.
A little while later, Eden got the job she wanted in life a history teacher at a local high school. Once summer the woman received the most wonderful surprise during a vacation to Hawaii. It was the most romantic setting with the patio, sunset, and beach in the background. Lex got down on one knee and proposed with the most beautiful ring. It was the happiest day of her life. The two enjoyed a relatively long engagement. By July the following year, everything was ready. Invitations were sent out, the venues were picked, and Eden had found the perfect dress. There was just one little surprise in store for the couple, Eden was pregnant. While they had talked about having children, they just weren’t expecting it to happen so soon. Still the couple couldn’t have been happier with the news of impending parenthood. Eden and Lex were married on August 27th,moncler women, 2011 with their family and friends in attendance. Once married and settled in their new home, the couple prepared for their daughter’s arrival. The name was picked out, Zoe Felicia Brody, and April 12th couldn’t come fast enough. Just one thing, April 12th hit and no baby. Their daughter made her arrival on April 20, 2012, two years to the date of them being a couple. Eden had everything she dreamed of since she was thirteen and couldn’t be happier in her new life.