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This episode was all about two words: Limo sex! What’s that — other stuff happened, too? Fine, fine. In this week’s NashvilleSeason 1, Episode 9,moncler sale, Rayna (Connie Britton) hits the road, Jack; Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and her new mother-in-law aren’t exactly going to be getting mani-pedis together anytime soon; and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) is with the band.

Feels Like the First Time

Rayna and her crew are waiting for Juliette to grace the recording studio with her presence, but Juliette isn’t there. Wait,cheap moncler jackets, so Rayna isn’t a priority in Juliette’s life? Who knew!

Actually,moncler jackets outlet, Juliette has a pretty darn good excuse, as she and her football-playing fiance Sean are actually getting it on for the first time! Finally,moncler online, Sean now makes passes both on the field and toward Juliette. And let’s face it: Limo sex is always more important than anything else you had planned that day, right? Right.

Juliette finally pops in at the studio — so kind of you to show up! — and proudly shows off her new bling. Rayna doesn’t want to spend much time chatting about Juliette’s terrible life choice exciting news, as she wants Juliette to agree to start their tour this Sunday, due to Rayna’s trouble at home.

This leads Juliette to have an awkward convo with Sean’s folks, in which the (briefly) happy couple drop their wedding bombshell. Sean’s parents aren’t exactly thrilled,moncleroutletonline, but Sean’s mom agrees to plan a big church wedding for as soon as this Saturday. It sounds like his mom just wants to get this thing over with. How sweet!

Rayna then informs Teddy (Eric Close) that she’s leaving soon for her five-month tour — and oh, by the way,moncler outlet, she’s taking their two daughters with her. No big deal.