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Starting your own restaurant may look easy at first glance, but this is one industry that never sleeps. Even with a team of managers, as the owner you are ultimately accountable for inventory, payroll,moncler womens, marketing,, repairs,moncler, banquet booking, unique recipes and everything else in between.
The first decision you should make is your restaurant’s location. Securing your property should be done through a commercial real estate agent who has access to restaurant facilities and permit instructions for building conversions. Not all commercial property can be licensed for food and beverage use,cheap moncler jackets, as the water and electrical supplies must meet food service requirements. In addition, there must be ample parking for your maximum seating capacity. Foot traffic is also important,, but parking is essential.
Choosing a name is key to represent the type of food or service you will be offering. The name should interlock with a visual image of your restaurant and be easy to spell for customers looking you up online. Words that have multiple spellings may cost you some business. So,moncler jackets, keep it simple and directly to the point.