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Guangxi, he said, work in factories, but when he said in a statement from the police open the Mount. “Mao told reporters yesterday afternoon, police said Zengmou insisted looking into the control room to Mao, did not do anything in the house,” the police said there was no video to prove that he has a criminal, so to be release. He obviously lying, and I in the barber shop, before he came into the control room over the barber shop,nike tn pas cher magasin, talked to told me. “Yesterday, the police informed Shunde: at 23:00 on November 12, are connected to the victim named Mao Security Bureau reported: 20:30 or so, a man broke into their rental located Zhi Pu Road, their daughters were molested, was After the discovery escape. After receiving the report, the police quickly arrested the suspect Zengmou. Currently, the case for further investigation in. According to Mao.

can sink from autumn Boning refuses.See the woman’s parents so opposed to the marriage, the way home parents also forced his son and his girlfriend. Unexpectedly Cheng Jintao insisted that, in addition to Shen Wink, he would rather celibacy. Finally, faced with the children so “stubborn”, both parents had to make concessions.November 11, 2005, Cheng Jintao,louboutin paris, Shen Wink experienced numerous hardships, and finally hand in hand into the marriage hall. Wedding night, they quietly give future children to take good name – or Cheng Cheng, Xi Xi.Happy family illness dumpAnd her lover is married Cheng Jintao,louboutin homme pas cher, Shen Wink greatest satisfaction in life, although this love hard way, but he was hard work brings.After marriage,barbour, Cheng Jintao went to Xinjiang to work,magasin hollister, at home, waiting for Shen Wink, the couple almost every day to send dozens of text messages, the phone has become an important tool for their love between husband and wife Acacia nothing to fall back. Even two of the toilet is also regarded phone in your hand.

then he took his wife embarked on a four doctor’s arduous road.Gan adventure lover childrenFrom March 2006, do not remember how many times his wife to Wuhan, Huangshi and other places for treatment. As long as I heard where doctors can cure his wife’s illness,Giuseppe Zanotti, he will be 11 record, never miss a little bit of hope. Home pile of car tickets to witness the doctor of the road which is the couple’s trouble.A few years later, Cheng Jintao spent their savings,air max pas cher pour femme, debt. Because the family was poor, so long as each is a little better condition, Shen Wink pleaded with him to go home, his condition has not been able to get the cure.Wink unwilling to leave the sink half a step, all these years, Cheng Jintao in the vicinity do construction workers, porters, trafficking in agricultural products, but also to help people keep over the site. As long as there is work to do on the line. “Work – to save money – a doctor,” Cheng Jintao continue to follow this pattern of their own fuel. And his work is the main meal of boiled, steamed, wearing clothes bought six years ago. “Can not have children.” Doctors told repeatedly sick Wink Shen, Cheng Jintao has repeatedly said that to his wife healthy, he would rather give up the plan to have children.Who knows the end of 2007, Shen Wink secretly stop taking birth control pills, telling Cheng the pregnant.

there are text messages to each other for fear.However, this happy family illness dump. Early February 2006, Shen Wink suddenly felt dizziness, headache,barbour international, feeling edema,red bottom sandals, eat, sleep well. After a medical examination, found glomerulosclerosis. Shen Wink get the hospital diagnosis,nike tn requins, did not tell Cheng Jintao, thought it was only a minor illness, some medicine will be fine. Every time she gave Cheng Jintao texting all call themselves “very good.”Two weeks later, from Shen Wink informed friends,bijou pandora, his wife suffering from kidney disease, has been in bed two weeks. Cheng Jintao work then dismissed overnight ticket to drive home. When he saw his wife when floating face swollen eye,louboutin, immediately distressed straight tears.

said yesterday around 5:00 pm police Zengmou was released,nike tn officiel, and was asked to pack up and leave the rental.Chutianjinbao News Xishui County, nurses, hospitals, Shen Long Cheng Jintao Wink and her husband, who had suffered from acquaintance to love “anti-marriage”,nike tn, “disease” and other numerous hardships, but both sides have always stubbornly persists. To this end, Shen Wink kidney disease at risk for wife gave birth to a boy. The day before yesterday,barbour paris, the reporter interviewed this “togetherness” of the couple.Lovers get marriedMa Long Cheng Jintao couple living in dormitories hospitals, the reporter a process of the house, they saw Cheng Jintao are holding a glass of water served in bed sink looks. “Drink water it,pandora bijoux, do not burn yourself! ‘Share of sincere, warm a houseful. Cheng Jintao said with a smile, before his wife can look good looks,tn soldes, his plaque is caused by illness. In Cheng Jintao’s eyes, the wife is always beautiful.According introduced six years ago,tn, 31 years old, he knew little more than his 5-year-old Shen Wink, two fall in love, vows, he does not marry a non-A non-she did not marry. However, the marriage but was opposed to both parents. Shen Wink’s parents believe that her daughter is a hospital nurse, have a steady income, while Cheng Jintao is an authentic rural lad, Shen parents then forced to marry the daughter of a local teacher.