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best fake tan for fair skinRight, with the major day looming large, I must determine whether to opt for a spray tan of some kind or pull myself down to the local tanning studio for sunbed sessions that are several which I totally fear! I’ve asked myself a few significant questions, to help me decide:
My complexion is fair and I ultimately desire a gold looking tan which is neither too light nor too dim, so, my mission is always to attain a medium based tan without affecting my health too much! Let us take a look at my thought process to achieve the best fake tan possible!

2. Just how long will I remain brown and will the suntan stain my dress that is beautiful?
3. How much will it effectively cost me?
3. How long does last and how much tan would it cost me?
4. Can it be much safer use the sunbed off experience or to go with a fake suntan?
Myself sat down and started to ponder. “Aerosol tans are considerably safer than sunbeds” I told myself, but, from my previous encounters, I believe a Sunbed tan appears a lot more natural and the tan covers my body a lot more equally.

Spray tans, depending on who myself use, are really not bad though! I believe I may need to have a trial run ahead, so do I need to go for a spray tan?
A spray tan will develop really fast and the end effect should be great, and should continue myself around 5- fading. Will myself smell though? And will it have faded or be patchy for my holiday after the wedding?

Sunbed suntans, where myself could go, would typically cost me GBP2.70 for a 9 minute session (which is the most I can defy in one go). I have a tendency to tan quite simple when I’m on holiday and have a friend who owns a salon, so I would likely need around 6-8, sessions to reach the tan I desire!
There is not a lot to gain monetary shrewd by choosing either. Having to go for a trial tan is off putting , then again so is going for 2 weeks solid! Myself really do not like using sunbeds for health reasons that are obvious. They give me a huge burned red nose, not to mention the skin cancer factor and bring out my freckles!
I’m not too worried about after the function, so it looks like I will be faking it then…….
What would you believe?

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