Notice for Safety Operation of Diesel Engine Generator

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Many operators prefer to make the diesel engine work in low speed , they consider that the diesel engine will not go wrong in low-speed running. Actually, low speed also can bring some negative consequences. Firstly, a low speed will reduce the output power and power perfromance of diesel engine of diesel engine generator.Secondly, a low speed will result in the reduce of work speed of various components and deteriorate the working perfromance of parts.

To insure the security of the diesel generator and the safety of the operators, there are some safety operation regulation they need to keep in mind. First of all, they should be aware of the preparatory work before starting the generator. They need to check the whether protective devices are working properly or not. The operators need to wear the insulated shoes to insure their safety. The temperature of the fuel should not be lower than 20 degrees.

If the diesel generator has been shut down for more than 24 hours, the operators should turn on the lubricating oil pump. And while starting the oil pump, the air contained in the pipes should be removed. The fuel pressure should be limited in the regulated range. After checking the voltage, operators can keep on pressing the “start” bottom until the machines has been started. While the pressure of lubricating oil has achieved the regulated level, the lubricating oil pump can be stopped. While it is impossible to start diesel generator properly, operators should try to find the problems. If they can not deal with the problems, it is recommended to apply the next operation.

While the generator has been started, the operators should consider it as the object that is considerably dangerous. It is not allowed to touch any part of the machinery without protective treatment. While moderating the rated speed, operators need to check whether the generator is operating properly and whether there is abnormal sound. The operators should cooperate with each other to moderate the frequency and voltage to make them achieve the rated value. During the proper operation, it is forbidden to wipe the surface of generator set. The operators should fix their attention on series of operating panel and it any abnormal occasion happens, the generators should be shut down immediately.

Before turning off the generator, operators should lower the rated speed firstly. The generator will cool down gradually and when you are sure that there is no abnormal sound, the generator can be turned off. Apart from the safety operation regulation for diesel generator, operators should pay attention to the maintenance and cleanness. The generator should be checked regularly and the problem should be solved immediately.