open one beautiful of long neck champagne

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“In chilly point again another part cheeks, Li the summer is helpless, and then dedicate ascend a kiss.
In chilly turn over a body to get up, arrive a bed of another part, pull to get up a list, the Li summer clenches another part, 2 people matched with to spread to like a bed sheet, again together change be covered.The summer of the Li puts the pillow once dealt with well.
“Like, I cook.”The summer of the Li turns round to come downstairs, in chilly also follow down.
The summer of the Li just came downstairs and saw inside in the living room many a beautiful Christmas tree, also someone was continuing to decorate room.The soot machine of kitchen opens, there is cook being doing cuisine.The waist that leads Li for summer at the chilly Lan takes her to walk into greenhouse.
Is ashamed, have a little son favour today, more late~Ps:Beg recommendation, beg to collect, commentary is welcome~ Although is already in winter, there are still many flowers in the greenhouse blossom,Cheap Air Jordan 11, get into the space mood being surrounded by the plant to also easily get up.In chilly talk quietly, “shut eyes.”
“?”Li Xia Men feels puzzling, in chilly directly take down her glasses, receive her eyes with a hand, hug her to go forward.Walk a small segment road, in chilly take away to receive the hand of her eyes, “this is the gift that sends to you.”
The summer of the Li puts on glasses by himself/herself-leave the swing not far flower nursery inside, open one beautiful of long neck champagne

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