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and the forest in a cave south of the county more than 20 kilometers away, there lived a strange woman. She filled in the hole stone, armed with sticks, vigilantly patrol the past people. She fifties and sixties, a young man was abducted, gave birth to a girl who died, and her mother after being hit conflict, do not hide in the cave broke out.& Gt; for a lifetime of love to hide in the mountains50 years ago, Chongqing Jiangjin Zhongshan high Tan villagers Liu Guojiang and 10 years older than his widow Xu Zhaoqing love, in order to avoid gossip, they eloped to the secluded mountains.In order to avoid stumble out Xu Zhaoqing, Liu Guojiang all day digging ladder on the cliff,parajumpers, a chisel is a full 50 years, carved more than 6,doudoune parajumpers,000 grade ladder. Liu Guojiang died in 2007,boutique louboutin paris, has been missing his died last year.Take him down? Still respect his choice?Chinese businessmen friends made up a group of “caveman” photos, letters Mingshan naked body, holding firewood, climb the cave, then smoke the cave to emerge. He was accustomed to such a life. 20 years of living in a cave sealed Mingshan, whether it should be down? Welcome to the discussion. Participation:Sina microblogging: @ Chinese Business 88880000News Hotline:(Original title: Jingxian “cavemen” (Figure) on SanOriginal title: men posing as police extortion was bitten earsChangjiang Daily News (Reporter correspondent Yan Huang Min Xuan Long Chunyang) man falsely claiming to be police officers, by the “others suspected prostitution” as an excuse to blackmail.

this coupon can avoid late penalty Sanshi times.” What is this award? One asked to know you can use this coupon late impunity, she was overjoyed, address him this is the best prizes. “This pass is too useful for me, money does not change.”Yesterday, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lian Ji and Dao Zhejia company and find pumped 30 times “late coupons” employees Maomeng Yun.Late CouponsWithin half an hour late for this coupon can avoid the penalty specified number lotteriesDuration: February 1, 2012 to December 30.

2012Annual leave ticketThis coupon can rest in the lottery when a predetermined number of days annual leaveDuration: January 29,hollister felpe, 2012 to December 30, 2012Shuttle bus ticketsThis ticket entitles employees home for Spring Festival shuttle bus to and from school by the company. If the home is too far, employees can choose the winning ticket companies.Validity: until January 22, 2012 submitted to the round trip timeWonder!Annual Meeting rafflePumped “late 30 times.”According Maomeng Yun introduction, January 11 in the evening, where she held a trading company in Chengdu lively festive annual meeting. Annual meeting in lucky draw, and did not say in advance what the prizes, just say there will be “pleasantly surprised.” Maomeng Yun see someone pumped three hundred cash, there are more than a thousand, when their turn, she pulled out a red box from the lottery, taking a look, but only a piece of paper that says ” Congratulations, this coupon can avoid late penalty Sanshi times. “”This all OK?” Maomeng Yun confused,hogan outlet, asked the personnel department to determine after the “late coupons” can be used,tiffany, she was elated, address him this is the best prizes. “This pass is too useful for me.

I did not realize the money was also not bite his ears. Yesterday, reporters learned that the man was sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days.Talk of the town,hollister online, 50-year-old who lives in Jingmen city, at 10 am the day before, he was in the shade garden east bridge,pjs homme, and suddenly a 30-year-old man came,hogan outlet, one arm resting on his shoulder. Lao Li was shocked, the man claiming to be police officers, routinely hear his body to be found. Old Lee surprised, took the phone to the police, but the phone was snatched men.Old Lee approached wanted to snatch away their mobile phones, the man hit him head-on,outlet hogan, and subsequently into his cheeks fight over. Hear his nose and eyes started to bleed, desperation, Lao Li bite the man’s ear, and took the opportunity to escape,boutique louboutin, seeing the people around rushed to the police.When ready to catch on in the men continued to beat Lao Li, the police arrived. After investigation,doudoune pjs, the man surnamed Xu, 29-year-old. According to his account, he would have under the guise of “prostitution suspect Lee” on the grounds close to the police and then by trying to fine profit status.Xu sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days.Spring Festival approaching, the various units of the annual meeting is in full swing, many years will have to set up sweepstakes. Recently, some users post, said, where their Chengdu, a trading company’s annual meeting, prizes have “late coupons” “leave coupons” “shuttle bus ticket,hollister,” and so be able to get “late coupons” employees rely on this small note late without penalty,woolrich parka, employees may be able to get more coupons leave off a few days leave.The evening of January 11, Chengdu,christian louboutin paris, a trading company in the lucky draw will be carried forward to being busy, with 300 yuan,barbour, 500 yuan, or even baked thousand dollars in cash prizes, the site is a boil. Employees turn to draw a Maomeng Yun. She took out a red box from the lottery, taking a look, but only a piece of paper that says “Congratulations.

money does not change, $ 2000 in cash prizes do not change.” She said, on the spot, there is always late late for her male colleagues to buy tickets.

is not safe to live in a cave, the next step to strengthen the town and village cadres and their families to his guardianship, responsibility, be persuaded to live down. Newspaper reporter Huang LijianThose away from human habitationSeclusion people& Gt; Juegu opened up paradiseQiyao deep in the mountains is a valley surrounded by steep cliffs on the border of Hubei and Chongqing, which suddenly Juegu: flat land,hollister roma est, houses just like cock barking. “This quiet, aloof,parajumpers pas cher, very good ah!” Qin Hua and his wife in this together for over 30 years.& Gt; hermit cave after her family conflictsHohhot, Inner Mongolia.