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Mine stone is very rich in domestic resources, and widely distributed, and other advantages in many varieties, the whole building aggregate become broken up one of the sources of raw materials, raw materials are processed into particle size must fit through the broken stone quarry crusher professional, through the professional processing out of the crusher sand gravel aggregate, has good abrasion resistance, and strong production capacity, is a substitute for natural sand ideal building stone, can be used for a variety of different roads, highways, high-rise buildings, bridges and other needs of construction aggregate fields.

The broken stone processing of metal ore and nonmetal ore process, will produce the massive dust, according to different regions and factory production requirements, and dust removing device for comprehensive selection of suitable, it is a good supporting this device,become the efficient use of production throughout the advanced crushing stone processing machinery, production of construction sand aggregate quality good, efficient, reasonable, can make rational equipment according to different concrete production demand.

Crusher machinery performance characteristics:

1, the production line adopts professional with broken stone machinery, auxiliary vibrating screen, feeder and other equipment, the production of the installation can be selected efficiently.

2, fully automated control system, integrated and efficient mode of production.

3, efficient vibration sieve and crushing machine to form a complete closed cycle device, can realize a sand molding.