Production of Impact Breaker Is Contributed by High Tech

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In order to more adapt to the market, Hongxing machinery has made a deep adjustment on the research and development theories and configuration of parts in order to launch the impact crusher with high crushing ratio, high automatic level and high crushing efficiency. The crushing circuit of impact crusher adopts open-circuit crushing, which greatly simplifies the technical processes.

Hongxing mechanical impact crusher has the following technical advantages compared to traditional impact crusher :

(1) The impact crusher board hammer the metal utilization can be as high as 45% -48 % . Hammer crusher hammer was overhanging the wear on the front and rear and side , hammer metal utilization ratio is only about 25% relative to the board hammer, hammer wear . And the rotor body itself may also be worn. The hammer crusher at the bottom of sieve wear serious , the grille to replace all the more complex , and change the sieve .Wear and tear of wearing parts is smaller than the hammer crusher , metal utilization is high; counterattack crusher board hammer wear only we wait materials . When the normal rotor speed , the feed will fall to the board hammer surface ( of attack ) , the back and side of the board hammer is not to be worn. Even if Looking material this side of the wear rarely .

(2) Convenient and flexible adjustment of the feed size , a wide adjustment range ; impact crusher can be adjusted through a variety of feed particle size , such as adjusting the rotor speed , adjust the clearance of the back plate and thegrinding mill equipment . Gap adjustment can be a mechanical hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic adjustment system can be easily adopted by the local operation buttons or remote controls system to complete the gap adjustment . Hammer crusher to adjust the granularity of the material can only be implemented by replacing the bottom of the sieve .

(3) Easy replacement of spare parts , maintenance costs, a corresponding reduction in ; install only six rotor impact rock crusher board hammer , Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide special tools to facilitate the replacement of the board hammer , the replacement of a board hammer just a time shift . The bottom of the grinding mill for sale grinding stick replacement only takes tens of minutes , greatly reducing the time and cost of repair and maintenance . Hammer crusher hammer up to more than 100 , change more than a hammer to spend a lot of time and manpower , repair and maintenance costs higher . The bottom of the sieve replacement is extremely troublesome.