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Raymond mill grinding process, a key detail is dust collector must promptly clean up, under normal circumstances, enterprises are the bag type dust collector to reduce the pollution of the environment, the use of cloth bag dust remover, the bag type dust collector is to maintain a good, so as to create benefits for the enterprise.

Raymond mill dust cleaning ash is one of the important factors to influence the effect of dust, in the long-term use process, bag dust collector will because dust clean up in a timely manner, influence the precipitator ventilation capacity. So it will influence to the dust cleaning effect.

Dust removal time is too long, dust collector bag to collect more and more, it will lead to the passage of air flow, not timely maintenance will appear ventilation is not smooth. Dust accumulation in the sack, pores become small through which the air is not smooth, increased to a certain degree, will appear a lot of air are discharged from the holes, dust removal effect is very poor, leakage dust is for this reason.

If the time interval is very short, it will be too frequent because of the dust, resulting in serious dust, but not the effect of the. Therefore, in the use of bag dust collector of the enterprise, it is required to develop a sound system of equipment maintenance, can be regularly carried out to clean up, to maximize the reduction of environmental pollution.

Not only is to regularly clean and maintenance of bag precipitator, but also of Raymond Mill pipe device maintenance, because in the process of gas movement, some dust will precipitation point accumulation in a pipe bend, increase the system resistance, this time, you need to maintain of pipe head, according to the actual situation of production to implement.


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