Raymond Mill Working Process

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Raymond mill with unique structure design, the space occupied by a smaller area, transportation, installation, operation and maintenance is more convenient, and the use of automation control, effectively reduce the equipment failure rate and labor costs, while achieving high yield and high production, good production environment and achieve zero noise, zero pollution, in addition fineness of grinding Raymond mill can be adjusted between 80-800 mesh, more flexible and more extensive applicability. Overall, the Raymond mill is the best choice for non-metallic ore milling.

Raymond Mill Working Principle
Raymond machine work, will need to crush the material from the cover side of the hopper into the machine, depending on the host hanging in the grinding roller frame plum, moves around the vertical axis, and its rotation, due to centrifugal force during rotation, the roller swings outward, tightly pressed on the grinding ring, between the the shovel shovel material to the grinding roller and grinding ring for rolling mill roller and achieve the purpose of crushing material.

The winnowing process of Raymond Mill
After grinding, the fan will be blown into the host shell, blowing powder by grinding chamber is arranged above the analyzer for separation, fine through thick materials fall into the grinding chamber and re grinding, the fineness of the specifications of the wind flow into the cyclone collector, collected by the powder outlet, i.e.. Air return by the large cyclone collector at the upper end of the tube back into the fan, the wind road cycle, and the flow under the condition of negative pressure, circulating the air amount increased by exhaust gas pipe of fan and the host discharged into the small cyclone collector, purification.

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