red bottom sandals 60 years ago

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Yangzhou called it “Passepartout”), etc. These ingredients are either unique Yangzhou, or quality special outstanding, can not make use of the material elsewhere unique taste. And other geographical features obvious ingredients,red bottom sandals, sourcing directly from Beijing.Yangzi Evening News reporter Chen Yong all mediaYouth Olympic Games more than two months before the state banquetWhich appeared in Jiangsu banquet dish it? Let’s take a look at this year’s banquet before the opening of the Youth Olympic Bar -Tea party cakeAugust 16 this year, the Youth Olympic Games opening ceremony,christian louboutin, held a banquet in Nanjing, China, welcome to visit the international guests in Nanjing. In this evening’s banquet menu, Nanjing people familiar with the tea party cake impressively, it is a fusion of the Nanjing local characteristics of Soviet-style pastries.

but also special test tool power, not “chop meat”,basket louboutin, but the knife knife, cut into granular Rouli finally, to the naked eye to see the size, the same thickness, it is precisely because of the manual’s sake, do the lion head, entrance, not wonderful statement.”Both Ma and spicy Sichuan cuisine, Shandong cuisine thick red oil sauce, half-baked is Cantonese, Huaiyang refreshing cool.” Xiayong Guo with a limerick expressed the “home cooking” like.Dry sub, blinds, water celery are shipped from Yangzhou to BeijingBecause they are mostly unique Yangzhou, do not make the appropriate ingredients to tasteIn the interview, talking about “banquet” in Huaiyang timber when Xiayong Guo said some local characteristics of doctrinal materials are transported by Yangzhou to Beijing.For example Yangzhou “dry Son” (hard tofu), Yangzhou blinds (one thousand) and Yangzhou water celery (vegetable stems pass.

originally,christian louboutin outlet, when the delivery truck arrived in Beijing ingredients, from Hongze large freshwater lake fishing is dying. “After feeding shrimp to use ginger, peeled,air max pas cher chine, to have a clean and fresh.” How can this fresh fresh ingredients meet the criteria drawn Huaiyang? Thus, by the eel made “soft pocket long fish” will be on behalf of the first hot meals Lift the table.”Since then, the 65-year period, the state banquet in Huaiyang basically as a benchmark.” High taimei said, because there is no fixed menu, banquet chef constantly learn, such as learning to do this year, “JAC one product” ( turtle soup),tn, “pumping beam and changing column” (boneless roast long fish).People’s DailyYangzi Evening News SecretWhy rare Shandong, Sichuan banquet Huaiyang favorite choice?Huaiyang “can tune to reach,tn pas chere,” and is a “scholar food”, cultural connotation”Safe north and south, moderate sweet and salty, burning stew known, in line with nutrition.” Yangzi Evening News reporter yesterday to face interviews, former Deputy Secretary of Yangzhou City Cuisine Association,barbour soldes, Yangzhou Huaiyang expert Xiayong Guo, lift Huaiyang become a “state banquet “When the dish with reason, that 16 words blurted out.In the seventies the introduced from the characteristics of Huaiyang and familiar: Premier Zhou Huai’an people like Huaiyang,chaussure tn pas cher, but has become a state banquet with Huaiyang cuisine, the main reason is that it “can tune to reach,” can At the same time meet the “low class” and “highbrow” of tastes,hollister, it’s a lot of other cuisines feature is not available.Xiayong Guo introduced people to attend a state dinner, many of the CPPCC and the democratic parties and the elderly, “peace” to meet the majority of Huaiyang and assimilate entrance requirements. “Sichuan is relatively spicy, Shandong thick red oil sauce, taste heavy, north barbecue dishes and more demanding on the teeth and stomach, Cantonese and more seafood, gastrointestinal difficult to adapt,piumini peuterey, such a comparison, it is easy to Huaiyang ‘win ‘it. ” said Huaiyang or “literati food”.

thin or thick gravy gravy,barbour france, cover does not cover the lid,bijou pandora, Gedo long, has to say. “Huaiyang cuisine Culture Research Association, high taimei said.In white shrimpAnd “first food” missedHuaiyang into the banquet began receptions before and after the founding of New China.Shrimp in a white robe is Huaiyang cuisine dish, 60 years ago, it was selected as the founding head of the first feast of hot dishes. Compared to soft pocket long fish, shrimp in white color, taste more easy to accept, what exactly is the reason for the founding of the first dish and allowed to miss it? Originally, Huaiyang for very particular about the ingredients, so it was a white robe with a truck raw shrimp – live Hongze large shrimp shipped to Beijing. However after a bumpy, after arrival they found a large shrimp dying, desperation, white robe shrimp out of the banquet.Soft pocket long fishBecame the founding of the first dishThe first is the feast of hot Huaiyang soft pocket long fish. But in advance of the first draft of its hot dishes is saying “Huai fried Twin Peaks” another Ming Yao: “in white shrimp.” High taimei said.

“elite cuisine” because Yangzhou historical and cultural heritage, literary men, dining is an integral part of Yangzhou culture dishes with a lot of historical figures Yangzhou, Yangzhou poetry and painting,toms outlet, Yangzhou School,louboutin paris, Yangzhou salt merchants have a relationship not open around, so naturally dishes can meet representatives “banquet” food culture and level.Huaiyang state banquet on and we usually eat what’s the difference?Not much different, just do more sophisticated, color, flavor and more in placeMany people are very curious, and a state banquet in Huaiyang Huaiyang Yangzhou people usually eat it be different? For this problem, Xiayong Guo said, in fact no different,air max femme pas cher, but doing more refined, more in place in the expression of color, flavor and nothing more.Xiayong Guo said, there is a lot of Huaiyang “skill”: change is particularly unusual, miraculous. “Cantonese in seasoning and down the foot work, inseparable from Sichuan pepper, Shandong heavy oil, oil not less, pay more attention to Daogong Huaiyang and cooking skills.” For example,christian louboutin soldes, he said, Yangzhou Gansi length,basket nike tn pas cher, consistent thickness; “Evans tofu” is the chef Daogong show to the extreme, a small soft tofu, put it into 5000 silk tofu; sunflower large cut of meat, which is commonly known as the “lion head”.