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VSI series sand making machine is the German authority of experts with China’s working conditions of the new design results. This Sand Making Machine is currently the domestic production of the world’s high-performance sand making equipment. The machine is designed for expressway, high-speed railway, high-rise building, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide high-quality aggregate, is the artificial sand and stone shaping the preferred equipment.

VSI sand making machine applications
Building materials, mining materials, mining, chemical, mining, refractory materials, cement, abrasive and other industries of the material crushing The Mainly used for river pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, stone artificial sand.

sand machine equipment characteristics and technical advantages
1, large capacity, high yield – 50-500t / h, compared with the traditional equipment under the same power, the output increased by 30% and stable.

2, low consumption of wearing parts – crushing chamber material impact angle design, friction with the wear less, 40% lower than the traditional equipment operating costs, a direct reduction in the use of equipment costs.

3, the product of fine grain – the product was cube, good grain, gradation reasonable, fineness modulus can be adjusted particularly suitable for artificial sand and stone plastic surgery, practice proved to be more than other traditional equipment sand, plastic surgery increased by 30%.

4, hydraulic device, easy to maintain – hydraulic cover device, so that broken pieces of internal parts repair easy and quick, shorten the downtime, saving time and effort.

5, thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance – the use of imported thin oil lubrication station, dual oil pump to ensure that the oil supply; no oil flow, no oil automatically shut down; water cooling, winter motor heating start.

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