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Sand making machine from the appearance of a large and somewhat clumsy, but in fact it is a very sophisticated sand production equipment, in the use of if you do not pay attention to maintenance is very easy to damage. Therefore, in the use of sand making machinery, we are very necessary to understand the maintenance of a number of sand making machine. Sand making machine in the end how to maintain it? Here I come to you a brief introduction to the maintenance of a few points of the sand machine knowledge:

First of all must be on a regular basis sand making machine to stop the machine and check, once found serious parts wear must be replaced immediately, absolutely can not because covet petty gain and make do with, it will not only make the sand making machine broken material particle size can not meet the requirements and may cause an accident, when the time comes to regret. Secondly, we use sand making machine to pay special attention to the maintenance of bearings, because the bearing is the lifeblood of the sand making machine, bearing if bad, the entire sand machine can not be normal operation. To timely to the sand making machine to add grease, and regular cleaning of bearings, bearing damage to the timely replacement.

All walks of life are complying with the requirements of the green development, we pay attention to the energy saving equipment of the energy saving and environmental protection, in response to the call of green production. Toward green intelligent integration in the innovation of the gravel sand mechanical equipment, change the direction of energy saving and environmental protection.

We need to pay attention to choose environment-friendly pressure blasting machine, first of all, we must first listen, listen to staff of pressure blasting machine equipment introduction and performance about  service is in place. To pay attention to the actual quality of HeLuanShi pressure blasting machine equipment, after listening to the explanation of the look at the actual performance of HeLuanShi pressure blasting machine equipment is to meet the needs of our work. Understanding of the manufacturers of reputation is also the important factor to consider when selecting, the reputation of the manufacturer of their equipment is not only recognized by the user, even if it is the same as their peers. In short, we are in the purchase of sand control machinery, we should learn to understand the advantages of the favorable factors, in order to make the right choice.