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The sand making machine is processed by the sand and gravel aggregate in the range of 0-5mm, and the fineness modulus can be adjusted and the gradation is reasonable. VSI sand making machine can be used for the river gravel, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, calcite, quartz stone, diabase materials, the broken sand processing. Large amount of treatment for all kinds of water conservancy project construction using sand and gravel processing system.

Artificial sand machine equipment used in the production of sand is called artificial sand or mechanism sand, is currently the main processing equipment market sand aggregate, but also the major concrete mixing station, building materials, construction industry, the main source of sand. The definition of the artificial sand concrete with machine-made sand is caused by broken mechanism sand machine equipment mechanical crushing, screening of Dang, particle size of less than 4.75 rock particles, but does not include soft rock. Then the use of artificial sand making machine processing water conservancy projects with sand and gravel aggregate sand effect is good?

The answer is yes, the use of artificial sand making machine can process various uses of the mechanism of sand. Sand stone is the main building materials of concrete and the pile in the water conservancy project. The construction of water conservancy projects is very strict to the quality and size of sand and gravel aggregate. The new type VSI sand making machine / new type sand making machine is the ideal equipment for producing and processing water conservancy projects. Water conservancy project composition of aggregate system in general by the wool transport, product processing, product transportation and the auxiliary facilities link. In all of the construction industry, the construction of water conservancy projects to aggregate demand is the largest, but also the most stringent quality requirements of the project.