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Processing of granodiorite and what equipment to use good? Shanghai Zenith sand making machine is preferred. Granodiorite a phanerocrystalline acid plutonic rocks. Is an important genus of granitic rocks, it is to the middle type granitoids rock diorite transition. Is a kind of magmatite, coarse granular, plagioclase more content, alkali feldspar content is less, the silica content is about 56%, the content of quartz at more than 20%. The main mineral associated with copper, iron etc.. Distribution of granodiorite in the face of the earth is very wide, igneous crust 34% is granodiorite, which are distributed on all continents.

With the development of our national economy, infrastructure construction vigorously, the demand for artificial aggregates rising. Broken granodiorite to produce high quality artificial sand is a very good investment. Shanghai Zenith to recommend the best processing granodiorite rock equipment — VSI new system sand machine. The sand making machine equipment not only can crushing hard rock, can also be used for crushing, fine crushing, sand and stone plastic on the stone. We also provide you with a full set of granodiorite crushing production line, sand production line equipment.

We provide you with a full set of granodiorite sand production line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher conveyor, new sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, and other equipment. Jaw crusher is coarse crushing equipment, crusher is finely equipment, sand making machine is the main equipment for processing granodiorite of artificial sand. The whole system sand production line, reasonable configuration, high efficiency and environmental protection. Let the granodiorite is used more and more widely.