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Quarry, stone plant in order to better market competition, have to look at the new type of sand making machine equipment. Innovation is always the eternal topic, in the sand and gravel industry, new products replace old products is a law of history, because the set of new products with high yield, high efficiency, low energy consumption in a body.

Introduction of new type sand making machine equipment:
On the basis of the original third generation sand making machine, the new type sand making machine is developed. The development of new sand making machine equipment through from simple to semi-automatic and fully automated production lines, through years of practice and development, mechanism sand blasting equipment has excellent quality, first-class technology development level, with feed particle size, the remarkable characteristics of small particle size, hammer, long life, large capacity, easy maintenance and operation costs low. Especially in the soft or hard and ultrahard materials broken, is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractory materials, aluminum where soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism to build stone, gold slag, silicon carbide, beautiful sand, high hard, hard and wear-resistant materials. Such traditional crusher sand making machine 50%, is currently the world’s advanced equipment.

Working principle of new type sand making machine:
First material by vibration feeder into new sand making machine hopper, in the process of falling and crusher rotor high-speed rotation of the impact, to generate small cracks on the surface of the large stone, after impinging upon the stone rapid acceleration, the acceleration up to hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity, although after to 60-70 meters / SEC speed from the sand making machine rotor tangent projection out, and the back of the machine in the first paragraph counterattack plate collided and rupture, simultaneously forms stone curtain in the rebound, and after being thrown off the stone forming a stone dozen stone, hit material in the form of material, thereby reducing the iron loss of wear parts.

New sand making machine adopts double crushing chamber design concept, so a piece of material in the back of the crushing cavity under two times even many probability impact, friction and grinding crushing effect and requirements of composite stone through the gap between the grate discharge crushed material from the lower part of the discharge port discharge, greater than stone rotor provoke re broken by, in the whole breaking process, material mutualselfimpact crusher, rarely with metal components direct contact, but with the material lining layer of impact, friction and grinding. This reduces the metal pollution, prolong mechanical wear time. The ingenious air flow in the broken cavity is self circulating, which eliminates the dust pollution.