Sand Making Production Line Advantage

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The sand making plant designed by our company has the advantages of low running cost, low investment and high flexibility. For the material that meets the requirement of feed, a single equipment can realize the production. Our new sand making machine has the function of material shaping, the product has uniform particle size and fine grain shape. Sand making machine with a second adjustment rotor speed function, you can meet the needs of the materials do not need, with high flexibility.

With the development of urban construction and the decrease of natural sand and gravel resources, the shortage of sand aggregate market is becoming more and more serious. The appearance of artificial sand production line greatly alleviated the shortage of natural sand and gravel.

Sand making production line can be realized on the hard limestone, granite, river gravel, slag, construction waste and other material aggregate and making artificial sand homework, suitable for the application of hydropower, building materials, highway, city construction, etc..

Sand Making production Line Advantage
Sand production line a high degree of automation, low operation cost, high crushing ratio, energy saving, high yield, less pollution, easy maintenance, the mechanism of sand production in line with national standards for construction sand, uniform product size, grain shape, reasonable gradation.
1. small investment, and other equivalent processing capacity of the production line, the cost of investment decreased by 20%.
2. the whole sand making line has a high degree of automation and reduces labor costs.
3. our company designed sand making process, each equipment belongs to a process, to meet the production needs of the process, a single device can be produced.
4. the investment recovery period is short, generally 3 months recoverable investment.

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