Sebago Lake is a study in contrasts

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Sebago Lake is a study Fake Oakleys Wholesale in contrasts. During summer, the 1,300-acre state park, which rests on the lake’s northern shores, Cheap Toms Shoes Clearance is aflutter with activity. Lifeguards watch swimmers in the clear waters. Hamburgers and Toms Shoes Clearance Sale hot dogs sizzle on the grill. Rangers give interpretive talks. The 300 campsites can be filled. In winter, 5.0 miles of trails greet the cross-country skier and snowshoer. Solitude can be found midweek along the evergreens. But on weekends, the park is popular Cheap Toms Shoes Sale (though not even close to its summer use), with a ranger saying that the Toms Shoes Outlet Sale parking areas at the trailheads can be as much as two-thirds full. Surface quality: Unpacked, but groomed by snowmobilers after storms.