Some Common Senses about the Generator Machines

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The most important function of diesel generator is the automation. Infact, there are two kinds of automated functions of diesel generating set, one is the complete automation which does not need manual operation, the other is general automation which just needs automatic control module. As long as you are one who is familiar with the diesel generator, you must have known this common sense that to many diesel generator including emergency and standby power applications need to meet the basic demand of starting in ten seconds more or less. Here we would like to give you a new term called STA (Start Time Analysis), which also need to start when a project has a a power restoration time requirement. To make it better, STA ought to look at every aspect of the critical power path. So here are some step tips we give you, help you to get a fast diesel generator set starting.

The first word is controls. In a short explanation, just do what you can do to assure package electronic controllers are updated to the latest software version. By the way, increasing the ramp rate will result in increased black smoke on start-up. Packages equipped with a Digital Voltage Regulator (DVR) should be properly tuned for the site and application. This includes decreasing the “soft start” feature in the DVR, which will decrease the time it takes the generator to build rated voltage. Engines equipped with electronic governors should be properly tuned for the site and application. This includes reviewing the ramp rate, and adjusting from the default value to improve start time. Then, next is configuration. Why not consider using a remote radiator with electric driven fans to decrease the inertia during starting on the generator set package, particularly when using an over sized or high voltage generator. Using over sized or high voltage generators in conjunction with engine driven fans may increase start times into an unacceptable range.

Try to get rid of useless generator oversizing when your configuring diesel generator sets start. Over sized and high voltage generators have a larger rotational inertia than the standard low voltage generator, and will increase generator set start times. In addition, in a paralleled generator set system, ensure the critical loads are less than the capacity of the smallest generator set and consider energizing all critical loads as soon as the first generator set breaker closes to the bus. That”s all we think of at the first time when we are asked how to have a fast diesel generator set. And we are sure it”s not the ending. There are still some other aspects you need to consider. So in the next news, we will try to give you the next following factors which have a great effect on a fast diesel generator.