Specific Needs of Crushers Determine Types of Crushers

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Which kind of crushing equipment is suitable is mainly determined by the specific requirement of the customers. The crushing equipment can conduct coarse crushing and medium crushing on the refractory. Impact crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing, so that it is very suitable for processing the refractory. In addition, it has many features such as high production capacity, big crushing ratio, low power consumption, even fineness, low investment and fees, it is very popular among the customers at home and abroad. The refractory is a kind of inorganic nonmetallic material whose refractoriness is no below 1580 and it is widely used in many industrial fields such as metallurgy, chemistry, petroleum, mechanical manufacturing and motive power.

The using amount of the metallurgy industry is the highest, accounting for 50%60% of the total output. The processing of the refractory needs crushing equipment. Nowadays,with the great mass fervour of mineral resources crushing and beneficiation industry, impact crusher quickly appeared in various fields. The most prominent advantage of impact crusher is the material it can process is more extensive. No matter which kind of ore all can achieve very good crushing effect, The most eye-catching features is the advantages of high efficiency and low investment, impact crushing machine is the industry”s first choice for mechanical crushing equipment.

It can also be used for processing the fine powders, and it can process the materials whose granularity is 600-1800mm and the discharging granularity is 25mm or below. The driving system of impact breaker developed by Hongxing heavy industry Machinery is able to effectively improve the starting energy of motor and keep the machine starting in stable state. Belt-driven method plays a double role in over-load protection; one is reducing its motor power required by driving system; the other is greatly reducing operation cost. This driving schedule is economic and practical as well as safe and reliable.

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