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With the development of the industry in the industry driven by the development of the portable crusher is the representative of the machine in the market has been a warm welcome, including portable jaw crusher purchase on the need to pay attention to what is the production of enterprises are very concerned about the problem. Then the following small series to introduce to you, in the market to buy portable crushing equipment, you need to understand what the knowledge of the machine breaking machine.

In the process of breaking a huge stone into a small stone, moving the broken into the material from the top of the entrance into the broken cavity containing teeth. In the course of the movement of the jaw teeth, the material is crushed and broken, and the eccentric shaft supporting the movement of the jaw is the core support of the whole platform. Mobile crusher flywheel and bearing support is an important component of a spherical roller bearings, so in the process of working is very susceptible to erosion of sewage and high temperature damage, so maintenance of flywheel and bearing in the portable crushing use is very important. Although this work is extremely harsh environment, portable fragmentation still requires a very reliable operation, which is the key to guarantee the production efficiency of a ring.

In the working principle, the portable crushing equipment has the eccentric shaft, the big belt wheel, the flywheel, the movable jaw, the side guard board, the elbow plate, the elbow back seat, the adjustment screw, the reset spring, the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw, and the elbow plate is very important. Continuous rotation between the variable is squeezed between the portable crushing equipment main working principle is a dynamic extrusion, the motor drive belt and belt wheel, upward and downward movement of the movable clamping claw by an eccentric shaft movable jaw rises, elbow board and the movable jaw angle becomes large, thus promoting the movable jaw plate near the fixed jaw plate, in the same time, rubbing, grinding, such as multiple broken, when the movable jaw down, elbow plate and a movable jaw, a movable jaw plate with round angles away from spring fixed jaw plate, crushing the material from the broken orificial discharge, with the motor crusher periodic pressure crushing and discharging, realize batch production.

In fact, for the use and purchase of portable jaw crusher, the most important is the need to produce a clear production of their own goals and capacity requirements, and then combined with their own budget to the market to buy, so as to buy a suitable for their own price and affordable portable jaw crusher.

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