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Vertical mill usually is suspended roller mill, due to its use of vertical structure is very save space, production. It and the roller mill  is two kinds of completely different equipment. Comparison of  vertical roller mill  has its own unique advantages in powder processing, performance in the fine powder processing, especially the dust removing and environmental protection.

Vertical mill is used in multi track hypertension suspended roller grinding,grinding material into the interior by high-speed rotating grinding roll break, enter the grinding ring track, in a plurality of grinding roller roller compacted eventually become want powder. Vertical mill type is larger, more grinding roller track, a number also follow a corresponding increase, natural stone grinding times more in the grinding chamber, powder fineness is higher, the yield is greater. Coupled with its equipped with advanced dust removal equipment, so that the workers at work against the invasion of dust pollution, power consumption also is far lower than that of ball mill.

My company in the vertical mill production research and development has many years of experience in R & D out of the mill is very popular in the national scope,the user also gives height the opinion of our company. At present, our company products in the major capital city are applied, the user can visit to the scene, also welcome customers to our factory in person test machine.

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