Surefire Methods for Lubrication of Vibrating Screen

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In the design of screen hole size should be to provisions as a mesh of wide limit; In addition, the material of screen mesh for screening efficiency is of great influence. Good material can separate the bonding block, also can improve the passing rate. Vibrating screen is the most widely used mining screening machinery at present. Its capacity and efficiency is high, which is popular among clients. But many clients are not so familiar with the operation and lubrication of vibrating screen, now I reduce some brief methods.

(1) The electric device should be fixed on the ground; the electric line must be insulated and be installed into flexible conduit. You must cut off the power when check and repair. We have a series of crushing and processing equipments such as Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, mobile crusher,hammer crusher , and construction waste disposal equipment is also available.

(2) The vibrating screen should be started without any load. Working with too much load is forbidden. Stop the machine after all the material is discharged out. You should not adjust, clean and check the machine when it works in case of being in danger.

(3) The feeding groove and feeding end should be as close as possible and feed evenly along the full width sieve; the feeding direction and material running direction should be same to get the best screening effect. Max throw from feeding points to screen surface should be not more than 200 mm, ensure smallest impact on the screen surface.

(4) You should add lubricating grease into bearing every 8 hours. Change every one month. The bearing of inspiring vibration device adopts Molybdenum disulfide complex calcium-based grease.

(5) Check all the part of the vibrating screen every month, including checking the fastening parts is fastened or not, side plate is broken or not, the horizontal bar and the strengthening frame is broken or not, the spring, the seal of inspiring device, the belt conveyor, the switch of electric device. The above are the brief methods to operate and lubricate the vibrating screen. If you have any other questions, please consult Henan Hongxing. Senior engineers of Henan Hongxing will solve them for you.